My Journey Home To my sweet wife and son

On the island of the Cicones, my men and I faced wreckless indians after they disobeyed me. What happened to us could've easily been avoided, but my men ate the food on the island. It didn't belong to us, nor was it given, so the owners became furious and killed many of my men.
After I lead my men out safely from the Cicones, we reached the Lotus Eaters. A few of my men left the ship to explore the island, but when they never came back I began to think that I gave them too big of a task. On this island, I found my men and they seemed to be in a trance. So being the strong leader that I am, I carried them back to the ship. The whole time they were yelling and kicking at me but I was able to handle them no problem.
Oh Penelope, if you would've seen what this island had on it, you would've fainted. I think that our son would have handled it just like his father though. When we first docked our ship on the side of this island, we had no idea what we were in store for. This island help a massive, strong, and ruthless cyclops by the name of Polyphemus. This one eyed monster trapped us in his cave and ate handfuls of my men. But by using my brain, I was able to come up with a brilliant plan to escape. My foolproof plan consisted of us wielding a large tree branch and jabbing it into the cyclops's eye. Then we hid ourselves under his beloved sheep. When his sheep left the cave to graze in the fields, we went with them. What a genus am I?!
On our next stop, you wouldn't believe who helped me. On the Island of Aeolia, the cousin of poseidon, the wind god himself did. Of course i'm positive I could've made it home without him I was pleased that he recognized me and my brilliant work. On this island I left the ship to examine it, I then found him and he bagged up all of the bad wind in the sea to lighten my path home. Of course, being that poseidon dislikes me, Aeolia wanted to help me to spite him.
We were on our way home Penelope, I was so excited to see you and Telemachus. But then, my distrusting men disobeyed me and opened the bag of wind when I was sleeping. All the wind blew out and I then again lost sight of Ithaca. The wind blew us away and we found ourselves on the island of the Laestrygonians. There, gigantic cannibals ate most of my men, leaving only one ship left with me on it. How lucky am I?
Next we came to the Island, Aeaea, home of Circe. This goddess was deceiving and lured in my men with her beauty, and then gave them wine that changed them to swines. But she didn't fool me, Hermes came and gave me a piece of moly so that her wine wouldn't affect me. She then kept me there for at least a year, but she could tell I longed for home, and you. So she gave me advice. She sent me off to the Land of the Dead. Where I would meet the bling prophet, Teiresias.
I alone had to go to the Land of the Dead. It was scalding hot and dead people surrounded me from every angle. I brought a lamb and held him over the well to slash his skin so the blood would trickle town the pit. All the souls gathered fighting for the lamb, but I wasn't scared. I found my way to Teiresias, the blind prophet and he told me my destiny. I was to live and make it home alive, but everyone else on my journey was to die. As hard as this information was to keep, I couldn't tell my men or they would lose hope and give up. I returned back to Circe's to gather more information, then I was on my way to the next monsters I would have to face.
We came to the stop where we would face the sirens. They are beautiful mermaids that sing to trick men into staying with them until they die. Circe knew me well enough to tell me that I would want to listen. So I instructed my men to tie me up and place wax in their ears. I listened to the beautiful music and wished to join them but my men tied me up tighter. Everyone made it past them safe.
Teiresias had told me what monsters I would face and gave me advice. I was informed that we would have to face the six headed monster, Scylla, in order to avoid Charybdis. When we came upon this beast, I was prepared, as usual. I knew I would have to lose six of my men, one for each head, but the thought of you urged me on. I remember hearing the screams of my men as their bodies were being shredded by a beast. This kind of guilt I have never felt, nor do I wish it upon anyone. By avoiding Charybdis, I saved us all. Charybdis was a giant whirlpool that sucks in ships, but we thankfully didn't get to see it.
Then, my surviving me and I came to the island of Thrinakia. I didn't want to come to this island, but my men disagreed. That island was of the sun god, Helios. His precious cows were kept there and I ordered my men not to lay a hand on them, but their hunger got the best of them and they disobeyed me. Helios became angry and asked Zeus to harm my men. When we set sail, he sent a lightning bolt straight into us and killed all my men.
After having my ship destroyed by Zeus, I was stranded in the ocean. When I awoke, I was in the arms of a beautiful goddess names Calypso. I was on her tropical island for a long time, about 7 years. All that time she had kept me there, I wanted to leave but she wouldn't allow it. For years I longed for you, each and everyday. Finally, one day, Zeus sent Hermes to Calypso and told her that she had to let me go. Se provided me with a raft, and after a large feast, I was on my way home.
I was sailing, but Poseidon didn't wish me a safe trip home. A storm ruined my raft and I washed up to the island Scheria. There I was found by the daughter of Alcinous, she kindly brought me to her father where I feasted. While we ate, I told Alcinous and his court all about my journey. Him and his men were in awe of me, as they should be. After telling them of the journey I just described to you, I made my way home.


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