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I went to a soccer tournament in Monterrey and we won the cup.


I took English classes with Mr. Brown


I celebrated my 18th birthday with all my family. It was amazing, I received a lot of messages.


I went to visit Paris for 3 days, and I stayed in a Disney hotel, the Disney parks are incredible!!


This will be a colorful month, because is when all the flowers grow up.

I got good experiences in this semester, because I had good grades and I met new people. It makes me feel a little sad, because this is my last year in the school and I want to approach it. In this semester I had some problems with my english teacher, and this made me change teachers, I guess that it was the best decision I could take, now everything is better for me, and for her haha. Right now I don´t have any plans for the summer, but maybe my parents want to go to the beach, It could be a good idea. The month is just starting, and I want to have a good month, I hope I will have good final grades and a good summer, I want to meet new people from other places. That´s the kind of summer I want to have.

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