The Crocodile By eli dibBle

What has a smooth, scaly belly. A long snout with sharp teeth. It is fast with small legs. If you guessed a crocodile, you were right. Let's geth ready to learn about a crocodiles diet and habitat. We will also learn about the crocodiles features.

. ...........................................habitat

The crocodiles lives in amazing places. In fact they live in several countries and other places. Some places they live in are South Florida, South America, Asia, Mexico and coastal areas. The also live in swamps, rivers and lakes. Some crocodiles live in the ocean such as salt water crocodiles. Those are some places crocodiles live.

........................,.,. ., ...,.,.fancy food

Crocodiles are known to eat many things. The most common things are all kinds of fish, birds, and small mammals. They are also known to eat many other things. For example they eat frogs, crustaceans, deer, bats, kangaroos and crayfish. They can even eat humans. I bet you will never swim again once you hear that.

.,.,.,,..,.,.,,,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.Fantastic features

The crocodile has a lot of fantastic features. They have some features on there head. It has a long and narrow skull. Also it has a long snout and jaw. Another feature it has is long teeth on the sides of its lower jaw. On its belly, there is smooth scales. A crocodiles skin absorbs heat. That way it can get hot when it needs to. These are some fantastic features of the crocodile.

This animal has a smooth scaly belly. A long snout with sharp teeth, and A narrow jaw. Super fast with small legs. When you guessed a crocodile you were correct. You just learned about the crocodiles food, habitat and features.

Bye bye


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