Africa is changing. Fast! In this incredible environment, opportunities now exist to rapidly scale on-going Consciousness-Based projects through focused investment

Announcing a strategic financing opportunity in East Africa


Individual and Corporate social impact investors are invited to join this second round event now

TM projects in the transitional economies of Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Tanzania have proliferated and expanded rapidly the past 3 years ā€“ economics paralleling consciousness.

Thousands of school children, along with parents, teachers and community members have learned TM.

From indigenous Maasai villagers in Tanzania...

to AIDS orphans in Uganda...

to Congolese refugees in Kampala...

to former street children in Nakuru...

to primary and secondary students in Lusaka.

The first groups of TM Sidhi practioners have also been trained.

The results have been marked, consistent and transformative: rapid relief from stress, greater resilience and creativity in dealing with life's challenges, and growing harmony in the community.

Seed financing provided by insightful donors has established solid momentum.

Conditions are now poised for a quantum leap in growth across East Africa ā€“ waiting lists of individuals and institutions asking to join these projects are already overflowing.

Low project costs, coupled with local community support and experienced teams of TM Governors, will accommodate rapid scaling of these projects and achieve a high social ROI.

Based on the established demand and on best practices distilled from operating the projects so far, a coordinated East Africa financing plan has been structured to support the next stage of growth.

In line with Maharishi's "200%" vision of social development, the plan includes not only provision for instructing large numbers of people in TM and its advanced programs, but also for handling practical infrastructure needs and offering vocational opportunities to ensure stable growth.

Social momentum throughout East Africa is now favoring Consciousness-Based solutions.
Solid groundwork has been laid in the first round of investment.
And the desire of the people is unrelenting for the uniquely effective programs you can help deliver to them.
There has never been a better time than this for you to make a targeted and lasting impact.

Join now with all those building Invincible Africa.

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