Shallow End Skate Shop A Somers Team Client Story

It started with a simple call to see a Somers Team listing. Soon, with the Somers' help, Pete Mackay built the skate shop of his dreams. If you're looking to start a new business like Pete, ask the Somers how!

People come to Shallow End Skate Shop just to see Pete Mackay’s bulldog Rooch. His shop is in the emerging Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. Just off Frankford Ave., they’ve been open for only 3 months. Business has been going really, really well. “The first month was absolutely nuts. I made a lot of money, I sold a lot of things, but more than that, I just got people really excited again for skateboarding.”

Pete Mackay, Owner,

Shallow End Skate Shop

Pete Mackay, Owner Shallow End Skate Shop, Gnarhammered Skateboards

“Everything that’s available in the shop is available on the website.”

Pete says Shallow End caters to a different crowd than the majority of Philadelphia skate shops. “We offer collector boards, shaped boards for guys that are into transition skating, kind of the grimier side of skateboarding that doesn’t have a huge representation as far as businesses in the area. I try to speak for the unspoken for.”


Pete's first business venture is a skateboard brand called Gnarhammered skateboards.

“When that brand started we were just hand cutting boards and screen printing them in my garage. Now we are in every shop in the Northeast.”

Pete is one of a collective of small business owners along the further north corridor of Frankford Avenue. Part of a larger revival of Kensington and Fishtown, they're committed to engaging with the residents and helping improve the neighborhood.

“I love the location! We’re a block and a half around the corner from Pop’s Skate Park, and because of that, there’s always skaters in the area.” Seven Swords Tattoo is across the street and right next door to that is a coffee shop/comic book store/ action figure shop."
“I’m happy to see building across the street from us. I’d like to see more gritty business owners come in the area neighborhood that aren’t afraid of the way the area currently is and are willing to wait it out and be that strong person that you need to be in order to help it get to a better place."
“I have a lot of people that come from the suburbs and further away to support me. Although, in the area, I have a lot of the youth coming in from Kensington who don’t have many places to go. They're a little bit rough around the edges, but I’m totally comfortable with that and I want them to feel at home here. So, literally half the time I’m here I’m feeding them, or letting them do their homework here. I just try to be that big brother they may not have at home.”
“I get just as many business professionals as I do street kids, and everything in between that.”

Pete’s got some ambitious plans for 2016. He wants to open an indoor private skatepark in close proximity to the shop, and is scouting a suburban location.

The shop also contributes to charity. While I was there some local skateboarder guys stopped by to collect from the bucket Shallow End Skate had set up for donations to FDR Skate Park, notoriously DIY’ed under 95 in South Philadelphia.
“It’s twice as good (as other local parks) and it’s 100% built by skaters, all the money was raised by skaters, all done by hand. If they had a little more faith in the community and in people in general and let people take pride in what they’re doing then it would have a positive side effect. So I just try to support that as much as possible and help it grow.”

The Somers Team helps local businesses grow neighborhoods.

Pete is an example of what a small business person with vision and grit can do with an affordable location in an up-and-coming neighborhood. The Somers helped him find his forever home for Shallow End Skate Shop. Let the Somers Team find your new business location.

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