Move Along By: Cole Hillenbrand

The soldier scanned my papers.

Snapped his heals together and saluted.

Relief filled my every pore.

The wandering boy smiled and gave a salute.

Words were clipped by shrieks amidst the crowd.

The searing buzz echoed from above.

Children screaming.

Wood splintering.

Life departing.

The explosions ceased.

Its no use. Move along Fräulein, now!

The bombing propelled us forward at a quicker pace.

One person was missing. The young German was gone.

Emilia was inconsolable.

I had left Lithuania and those i loved behind.

To die.

Words borrowed from Salt to the Sea by: Ruta Sepetys


Created with images by WikiImages - "soldier's grave grave war" • British Red Cross. - "Red Cross message in the Second World War" • Iwan Gabovitch - "Explosion" • marko8904 - "IMG_4041"

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