Let Giuliani tell you why the Bidens should be indicted!

Author: Shi Bu Ke Dang|Proof read: TCC|Final check: Cow|Page:Sky Sun;

Episode 1. This is all about Ukraine. After Obama appointed Joe Biden as the point man for Ukraine, Hunter Biden, a drug addict and a drop-out from Navy for failing drug test, was hired as a board member of Burisma. A record of 8 to 14 million transaction to cover up the scandal of Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma.

Episode 2. This is about both Iraq and Russia. For Iraq, again after Joe Biden was appointed as the point man in Iraq to check the status of forces, Joe’s brother James who know nothing about housing business, got one third of a 1.5-billion contract of housing in Iraq. As to Russia, Elena Butarina, close ally to Putin and one of the richest and dangerous women in Russia, transferred more than 4 million to Hunter.

Episode 3. This is about China Part 1. This happened when Joe Biden flew Air Force 2 to China with his son to be the point man by the Obama administration. His goals were 2 folds: one to have China give up the plans for militarization islands and one to reduce the tariff. Neither goal was achieved; however, after an 8-day negotiation with China. The Bank of China injected a total of $1.5 billion into the Bohai Harvest RST, a private equity fund that Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, Chris Heinz, Stepson of John Kerry (former Secretary of State), and James Bulger, nephew of Whitey Bulger, boss of one largest organized crime in the history of the US.

Episode 4. This is about China Part 2. This is a deal that is made in anticipation of Joe Biden becoming president. There is a contract that the CEFC (China Energy Fund Corporation) will inject $10 million a year for 3 years for “consulting” fees to the Bidens (Hunter, James, and Sarah). The CEFC is an energy company and, actually, a united front organization for overseas intelligence activities controlled by the CCP. This is operated by Ye Jianming and Patrick Ho. In addition, the Bidens will also receive 50% equity from the company. There was a small print at the bottom of the contract, “10% 2h for the big guy”. Let Rudy tell you who the Big Guy is!

Episode 5. In this clip, Rudy showed us the supporting evidence that the “big guy” is Joe Biden from Bobulinski’s testimonial and Hunter’s text message to his daughter Naomi. Joe Biden knew all about these transactions big time!

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