RKO Out of Nowhere Goldfish, Goat, and polar bear (Dylan, Daniel, and Ascher)

Description: We created a Rube Goldberg Machine to help a person in a body cast.

This was our design. This is our first example.

We let it go of the hammer and the hammer swung into a domino which fell down and did with four more dominoes. The last domino fell into a Lego, which hit a toy car. The 2 inch by 0.5 inch toy car rolled down the cardboard ramp and hit into a swervy line of 20 dominoes. 10 weights made a path for the dominoes to fall. There was a straight path for the dominoes to fall in between. One domino was tied to a 4 inch string. The string was also tied to the 2 inch by 2 inch bell and when the domino fell off the table, it pulled the string which rung the bell. The string that was holding the hammer was a lever because it had a fulcrum. Each domino is a lever because the bottom is the fulcrum and the input force is the domino falling forward. The ramp is an inclined plane. The first step is the hammer hitting the dominoes. The second step is the dominoes hitting each other. The third step is when the Lego hit the toy car which made the car roll. The fourth step is the car hitting the dominoes. The fifth step is the dominoes hitting each other. The sixth step is the last domino pulling on the string which rang the bell. Letting go of the hammer was potential energy transformed into kinetic energy. Then, when the toy car rolls down the ramp, gravitational force happens because gravity pushes it down. Finally, the toy car hits the dominoes and turns into kinetic energy for the rest of the machine.
On the top it says the dimensions of objects. A closer look.

This is what happened when we tested the machine. It was a success. It took a few tries, but in the end it was a success. The hardest part was setting up the dominoes because they kept on falling down. The ramp kept on falling down at first but then it worked. The best part was the domino pulling on the string because it only took us one try to do it. We divided tasks by having some people set up part of the machine and other people worked on other parts. We went very slowly to put up the dominoes and we took videos from the beginning so we could capture the machine working. We worked together very well together.



Created with images by bevashurst - "domino game counters" • C_K_L - "Goldfish"

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