My Career pediatric ENDOCRINOLOGY nurse

- who -

I want to work for Doernbecher Children’s hospital located in Portland, Oregon. Doernbecher's is connected to OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University).

- what -

I would work at Doernbecher’s as a pediatric endocrinology nurse. A pediatric endocrinology nurse helps kids with endocrine problems. I would make $81,000 per year. In order to get this position I would need to earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, Associates Degree in Nursing, and as well receive a diploma from the Nursing Program.

- Where -

I will be working at Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital. This would be a great place to work because I know the hospital very well and the people are so helpful. Doernbecher's cares about their patients and I know I could contribute well to the hospital. I would do all my schooling through BYU for many years.

- when -

There’s not a specific period when Doernbecher’s is hiring. When the time comes after I graduate from nursing school, I will be looking for an opening. On the website, you can search for openings. If there is not the specific job I want at that time I will get another job at Doernbecher's to get in some practice while waiting for the job to open up.

- why -

As a pediatric endocrinology nurse you care for kids who have disorders within the endocrine system such as type 1 diabetes, hormonal problems, growth problems, etc. I have much experience in this field so I feel like I could connect better with the kids and help them.

- how -

Right now in high school I am doing my best and trying my hardest to maintain a good GPA to get into BYU. If/when I do get in to BYU, I will have to work even harder since it can be really difficult to get into the nursing program and to pass all the required classes. By doing well in college and getting all the required degrees and certificates, and persisting at applying, I can get the job.

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