Individual verse Society Of MicE and Men, TularEcito, the ChrysanthemUmns

There are lots of universal themes and motifs that Johns Steinbeck three story's have, ,but one that ties into society the best today is Individual verse Society.

Chrysanthemums, Of Mice and Men, Tularecito

Individual verses society is in all three story's

Lennie verse society
Elisa verse society
Tularecito verse society

In "Of Mice and Men" Lennie would get into trouble because of his mental disability by the end of the book George had to kill Lennie due to him killing Curley's wife and shooting Lennie was the best outcome for the two.

A quote from the book spoken by George talking to Slim ,"Course he ain't mean. But he gets in trouble alla time because he's so god damn dumb. Like what happened in Weed. " (41)

Not mean almost like kid but still gets in trouble with society a lot.

This shows thoroughout the book In weed Lennie touched a girls dress because he touches what he likes. The girl freaks out and Lennie is in battle society. It happens again with Curley's wife at the end of the book but his time Lennie accidentally kills her and once again he's in a battle with society either Curley kills him, he's sent to an asylum, or George kills him.

Best outcome for Lennie.

In Chrysanthemums it was Elisa aganist society against the idea that women can't do much. In the story the Chrysanthemums represent her she wants to get out and travel.The idea is rejected by the traveler she meets.

The directed quote from the story, "It must be nice, " she said "It must be very nice I wish women could do such things." (6)

"It ain't the right kind of a life for a women. " Quote the traveler to Elisa. She then replied in a repelling manner.

Her upper lip raised a little, showing her teeth "How do you know? How can you tell?" she said.

Elisa really wanted

In the story she tries to spread a little bit of herself around when she gives the Chrysanthemums seeds that represent to the traveler so she could have somthing of her travel. The traveler insted tosses the seeds on the side of the road which makes her breaks down. She was trying to go up against society but she lost painfully.


In "Tularecito" Tularecito was constantly having problems with everyone around him. He beat the students when they erased his drawings from the board. Everyone seems to be afraid of him and he refers to himself as an animal.

He talks to Pancho about how he's going to dig for the little people who live in the earth. Tularecito then quotes ,"I am not like the others at the school or here. I know that. I have loneliness for my people who live deep in the cool, earth." Implies that he has no friends he is lonely.

It also shows that society is against him and why he thinks he's a monster ,"My own people are like me. I must go home to them, Pancho" He feeels that he isn't wanted their and he's better off with demons.

Tularecito could be right where in the story," Pancho stepped back and held up crossed fingers. "Go back to the devil, thy father, then.

Modern Day Media

In the movie Mulan society told Mulan women lived to care for their man. Mulan then goes aganist society's ways of life and she joins the army in place of her father disguised as a man. She defeats the Huns and then they find out she's a women they leave her to die.

It shows that they favour men more than women in the song I'll Make a Man Out of You ,"Did they send me daughters When I asked for sons?"

John Steinbeck's idea behind all three if you are different, act different, or have a different idea than the majority of the people society will go against you.


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