A school for everyone Education is not a chance, it is a human right

Haiti is a country in the Caribbean. It is the 3 poorest country in the world. There is no social security and 400 000 children have no parents.

In 2010, the capital of Haiti was devastated by a earthquake who made 230 000 dead. Due to this earthquake 5000 school were destroyed and 1 millions children had not more access to school. Now 200 000 children are remaining out of school.

The access to education is human rights. Everyone should have access to education.

Why is education important ?

Education pushes the capacity of each one to the maximum and makes you dream possible. When you born, you don't choose if you have a rich or poor family. It is unfair that one person has the possibility to develop his skills and capacity and the other have not this opportunity. In Haiti, the amount of the tuition is about 200 dollars.

Why a lot of children in Haiti does not have access to education ?

For you 200 dollars is may be not very much but when you think that in Haiti there is some people that have to live with only 3 dollars per day. So there is a lot of family that have to choose between foods or send their children to school. Most of them will choose food that is a fundamental need to live. There is also a lot of children who need to work and give the earn money to their parents. 24% of children between 5 and 14 are child labor. 60% of people over the age of 15 are illiterate and 40% are unemployed.

The impact of education is very big as well on the economy of a country and on the lives of people. It is for people the key for freedom and get out of poverty, it also have a very important impact on the health of people.

Impact on people

How I said before it has a major impact on the life of people. First, it will preserve them from poverty. Thanks to education they would be able to have a good job and earn money. With the money of they would be able to have a good health. With education, they will learn the danger of for example HIV. According to a study, if every child goes to school 7 million cases of HIV will be avoid.

Impact on the economy

For a country, education is fundamental. Due to education people would work and have a salary that will have a percentage of it who will contribute to the economy. If people have more money they would spend more. With more money the government would be able to open more public schools. How I said before 90% of schools are private.

So many problem due to the access to education but we can give them this with you help !

Education is very important and that everybody should have the right to access to it for free. It has impact as well on people and country. The problem in Haiti is that almost of the school are private and that a lot of schools were destroyed during the earthquakes. Your NGO have gone in Haiti to look the issue and the solution. Your benevols came with two solution.

The first solution

We think that the government should do is to provide scholarship to student with their study they would be able to get a work and repay the scholarship. If more people get a job, they would be more taxes for the government. With more money in the government, they would be able to open new public school.

To help make the government changes sign this petition.

Building school

The second think that we can do only with you help is to make new school with you donation. You donation can make the difference. We want to open school in the poorest side of the country to help the most people in need. You money will go to the materials needed for the construction and to pay the teacher. For the construction it will be your volunteers who will go their. If you want to join your voluteers. Click on the link www.aschoolforeveryone.com

You can give money per months or in one time.

Thank you already for you very important help.

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