Additional Curriculum Development bringing practical learning into the school environment

Kyudokan clubs follow the traditional martial art of Goju Ryu. Sessions are held in the Southampton and New Forest area of Applemore and Blackfield area in Hampshire.

The KMA centre in Southampton is a welcome addition to the Kyudokan adding Muay Thai, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), MMA and K1.

Academic excellence through Eastern practice.

Making the Kyudokan a true mixed martial arts facility.

Classes cater for all ages, genders and abilities allowing adults and children and families to train separately or together depending on their preference.

The structured syllabus helps the student gain and develop confidence and fitness while learning the traditional ways of martial arts.

Everyone has the opportunity to progress through the grades from white belt to black belt and beyond with encouragement to undertake more in-depth study


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