How to Pay for Your Playground Double Your Funds With The American Parks Company!

Raising money for new playground equipment can be challenging, but not if you've got Get Movin' & American Parks Company on your side! We've teamed up with this company in order to help your parent group provide fun, safe places for your students to play.

With this partnership, Amercian Parks Company will match dollar for dollar toward your school's brand new commercial playground structure.

For example if you raise:

  • $10,000 get a $20,000 structure
  • $15,000 get a $30,000 structure
  • $20,000 get a $40,000 structure
  • $25,000 get a $50,000 structure

Just choose one of their program levels to set a fundraising goal. As soon as your school has hit the mark, they will handle the rest!

Q&A With Get Movin' President, Wendy Tibus

How did this partnership come about?

"The VP of Marketing for American Parks Company heard about Get Movin' because his son was participating in our fundraiser at a school in the Dallas area. His wife actually registered their son and raised a couple hundred dollars in a couple of days!

He was impressed with our user-friendly system (jokingly saying that if his wife could use it, it must be easy, haha!). He started looking at our company and other similar products online.

After researching other companies, he found we had the best and easiest system on the market. He then contacted his son's school, which put him in touch with us back in Sept. 2015. We began the conversation about partnering with American Parks Co, then we both got really busy for the fall season.

He contacted me again in late December to reinstate the idea to move forward with it and now here we are with a partnership and a great new opportunity for our clients."

What sets American Parks Co apart from other companies that sell playground products?

"They are one of the largest playground companies in the USA, owning 6 other playground subsidiaries coast to coast. They reach over 130,000 schools/clients with their promotions and sell hundreds of playground sets to schools annually. They also have a great reputation, as anyone can see in reviews and online searches!"

How do you see this partnership furthering the Get Movin' healthy fundraising mission?

"Playing on playground equipment is a form of exercise; it helps kids practice balance, have fun and inspires imagination, all of which goes along with promoting health and wellness in our youth, as our Mission states."

Are you looking to make similar partnerships in the future?

"Yes, but not with another playground company, as we've now got that covered! We are looking to partner with a T-shirt vendor as a recommendation for our clients to purchase T-shirts if they want them for their event. Also, we are currently working on contacting Fitbit, Sqord, Ice Skating Association of America, USBC (United States Bowling Congress) and other similar organizations to broaden our partnerships and offer special benefits to our clients!"

What’s the next step for a client looking to work with us in order to raise money for a park structure?

"The interested party can currently follow the steps listed above. We will also be placing a promo of the partnership on the home page of our website for future visitors to see. Once they are ready to get more information about raising money for a playground, they fill out the online form and we contact them to learn more. Once they have signed up and are ready to start ordering playground structures, they contact American Parks Co and they set the client/school up with an area rep."

"Overall, I am thrilled to have this feather in our cap and so is American Parks Company to have our endorsement! I think partnering with a playground company is a really good choice for us. It promotes outdoor play in a world full of machines. It also gives our clients an edge on getting the best pricing available in playground sets that can be very expensive and it gives Get Movin' more credibility as we are the chosen method to raise the funds needed for such a large investment."

For more information on how we can help you raise money for your playground initiatives, click the button below & one of our experts will contact you shortly.

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