Progression Over My Quarantine By nick porter

My story is about my quarantine and how its gone so far. At the beginning of my quarantine it was nice and easy, but over time it became depressing and stressful. It was like I was doing the same thing over and over and it was starting to get to me, so i wanted my pictures to show and represent that.

For this picture I cropped out some of the top just to get some unnecessary objects in the picture out of the way, then I also changed the look of the picture and made the saturation stand out more. Over the quarantine I wanted to improve my vocabulary and just become smarter in general.So I made sure to read a lot over the quarantine.I feel like the edits I made really did help the book stand out as I wanted it to be the main point across my photo.

During this picture I was going through a tough time during my life. So for this picture I decided to crop out the back and to change the look of this picture and make it black and white. I only cropped the back out because my nephew kept trying to jump on my back. The picture is black and white to signify dark times, and how I was feeling at that time. I wanted to make this picture simple but have meaning.

For this picture, things were starting to get better in my life and I was starting to feel better in general. For this picture I cropped it, and made the saturation brighter, to show I was doing better mentally. I started studying more, just to refresh my mind for the new school year. I also learned how to purchase stocks and the benefits of investing. I would spend almost all day looking at that computer.

I was in a very dark place at this time during quarantine, all I really enjoyed doing was sleeping and eating, I was still very skinny though,I almost never gained weight. I edited the picture sort of dark because I felt that I had nowhere to go and no one to explain myself to, but I left some light in the picture because there's always a way out.

Once again just another prime example of me just sitting at home eating. Like I did this all day, it was starting to worry my family too. At this point in my life I was starting to realize the way I live wasnt right, so I left this picture bright to show I was thinking deeper and making plans.

I made this picture extremely bright because I had found my way and I wanted this picture to represent that. I stopped eating all day and started working out because i felt I was becoming my own personal definition of fat.

In this picture I intentionally made it blurry because at the time I was very confused. I was applying for jobs and was confused on so many levels. But I eventually got the hang of it.

In this picture I kept it pretty basic because it was a pretty normal moment for me. Over the quarantine I tried looking for things to do, and I got so bored that I actually started reading and this was a picture of me picking a new book.

In this picture my mom had gotten tired of me laying around all day so she had “decided’ that she was going to find some work for me to do. She made me fold clothes and I made this picture a strong bright picture because I was happy, to just be doing something and not laying around.