K.C. Miller Band was born out of a life long love of music; the desire to share life artistically with others, and bond in a common way that transcends all of us at the core.

As a means of building bridges between people of all ages and backgrounds, we believe that music has no equal. Our music is intentionally bold and unabashed, unapologetic, and authentic. We made a decision to be fearless in our musical direction and message.

What is new and different about the K.C.M.B., is that we are not seeking to build a "fan base" for the benefit of the band itself. Rather, we want to share our joy of creating music. We seek to inspire, and connect with as many people as will have us. It is our goal to create a community of music lovers that are as much a part of this band as the performers themselves.

Our unique style is a culmination of our experiences in life, love, and art. Our roots are Rock, Blues, Country, and Americana, with a nod to jazz. ...and whatever else hits us as fun to share. We strive to keep a warm familiarity running through all we do. Exploring different styles and influences in subtle ways that might make you cock your head to one side and think, I don't know what just happened, but I liked it!

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