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Ohio Wesleyan judges itself successful when it has accomplished three objectives in its work with students:

The first is to impart knowledge. Included here is knowledge about our cultural past; a liberal education communicates what great minds have thought, great artists have created, great leaders have done. Also included is new knowledge; a liberal education communicates what is being acquired on the frontiers of contemporary inquiry and current advances of the human spirit. The objective of imparting knowledge begins with the conviction that it is intrinsically worthwhile to possess the knowledge and insight transmitted through the humanities, arts, and sciences.

The second major objective is to develop and enhance certain important capabilities of students. As they progress through the curriculum of the University, students secure the foundation skills of reading, writing, and quantitative analysis. They build on these skills the capacity to think critically and logically, to employ the methods of the different fields of inquiry, and to understand the symbolic languages used to codify and communicate knowledge in today’s society. They may develop aesthetic sensibilities or creative talents in several fields. Many students learn to integrate theory with practice by preparing for careers within various disciplines and through pre-professional and professional programs.

The third objective is to place education in the context of values. Liberal education seeks to develop in students understanding of themselves, appreciation of others, and willingness to meet the responsibilities of citizenship in a free society. It recognizes that trained sensitivity to private and public value issues, grounded in a sound grasp of various cultural heritages, is important for maturation and for living a good life. It accords high honor to intellectual honesty. Consistent with our Methodist tradition, Ohio Wesleyan encourages concern for all religious and ethical issues and stimulates its students to examine their own views in light of these issues.

To the extent that Ohio Wesleyan educates liberally, it fulfills its ultimate purpose of equipping students with knowledge, competence, and character for leadership, service, and continued learning in a complex and increasingly global society.

OWU's History

Ohio Wesleyan University was established with community support in 1842, when the Rev. Adam Poe, pastor of Delaware’s William Street Church, encouraged the citizens of Delaware to raise funds to purchase a building and establish a university “of the highest order” in central Ohio.

Together, 172 citizens raised a $10,000 contribution to help purchase the former Mansion House Hotel, now known as Elliott Hall. The University's official charter was granted from the Ohio Legislature on March 7, 1842.

Ohio Wesleyan has been acquiring traditions since 1844, when the College of Liberal Arts opened its doors with an enrollment of 29 male students taught by three professors.

In 1853, the Ohio Wesleyan Female College, an independent institution, was established in Delaware and four years later moved into the new Monnett Hall. In 1877, the Female College and the University merged, and during the 1977-78 academic year, Ohio Wesleyan celebrated 100 years of coeducation.

We are located 25 minutes from the international airport in Columbus, Ohio.

Department of Journalism & Communication

Ohio Wesleyan is one of the few schools in the country to offer a rich liberal arts education with a professionally oriented majors in journalism and communication. Undergraduate journalism and communication students learn the how's and why's of their profession but also acquire a wealth of knowledge from Ohio Wesleyan's liberal arts curriculum.


Academic Support

UC - 160 - All Freshmen are required to take this class. It helps acclimate them to OWU!

Sagan Office – (free) private tutors for every class provided, Math Center, Writing Center

Study Tables - In-season 2 days a week, and off-season 3 days a week. We also have an alum who pays for and provides four tutors for our players at every study table along with a coach.

Prof. Surveys / Truth Statements - We send out online surveys to professors every three weeks. The players must turn in a Truth Statement every Friday in-season and off-season to tell us how they are doing academically.

Resume/Interview captain process - All players must have a completed resume. In order to be a captain you must apply like you would any other job, and then be interviewed by the whole coaching staff.

Time Management/TeamWorks - We were the only Div III school to use this software. It is an app on your phone that shows your class schedule, practice plan, study table, etc... We can text, email, and set up wake up calls for the players through this software. It allows you to manage your time efficiently.

Our program is a FAMILY! Our slogan is FOE (Family Over Everything)

Coach Tressel

Italy Trip 2013 - We are headed to Spain in May to play a game! We are allowed to provide this experience every four years!


Vision = To be CHAMPIONS!

Mission = Earn a meaningful Degree from OWU, Be Prepared Men for the Real World, and Win Championships!

- We are 100% in our last five years of our senior football players graduating in four years!

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