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Swan river colony

The swan river colony was a colony made by British people it was made in 1829. The French tried to takeover. The British empire tried to keep the land to make a colony.Terry Pratchett heard the famous dwarf son called gold,gold. From 1893 the British colony discovered a whole lot of gold that came Kalgoorlie or thereabouts. The swan river became a city named Perth

This is my timeline

Primary source would be a war letter

Secondary source would be reprint of an artwork

Inquiry questions

Who settled WA:Captain Charles Fremantle planted the flag to claim the swan river colony. The only people who came with him were retired servicemen,professional men with family's, artisans and Servants. Then they sent single women and naughty boys called Parkhurst boys. Also convicts were sent to help build the colony. In 1980s gold miners moved to the new colony.

Why did they settle in WA

How did they establish the swan river colony

Australia gold rush game

The gold rush game was in Victoria when someone herd somebody singing gold,gold,gold then people started going to the river and using colalnder to find gold once two boys went to the river and sifted out a lot of gold.


By James LA13

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