Overview James Casey-bRown

Final Design of our Mask

Plaster Mask Mould:

Latex Mask
Final Mask with Paint



Each step of this assignement I have enjoyed throughly. Our first step was to gather inspiration from our selected genre to form our rough ideas for our mask. We then drew various desgins of our mask discussing with our parnter the best qualities and features. To make the mould of the mask, Sophia had to put plaster onto my face untill it dried. As being the model, I had to keep still so the plaster would not runoff or form a shape that we didn't want. We then a few days later painted a thin layer of latex onto the plaster mask. We repeated this step about 5-6 steps.

After this process, we pulled the latex mould out, sanded it and cut the edges. We had trouble making the mask completly smooth as the latex bumps on the surface of the mask was hard to sand down. We then painted the mask from our final design with white and black, giving it more relevance to the horror genre and making it stand out more in our dark scenes.

Our next step was to start filming our teaser based on shots that we discussed before hand in class. After we gathered all the shots we started editing. The reason why we sumbmitted our film teaser on the specific due date and not early was because we needed a specific classroom to finish filming a film shot to complete our film teaser.


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