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Tesla Autopilot

Tesla has implemented a fully automatic driving system in their automobiles: Model X and Model S . This fully automated system is the first of it's kind and not only is fully automatic but it is also both safer and more precise than a human operated vehicle. This in turn lowers risk of human error ultimately lowing accident occurrences tremendously. The car's - Model X and Model S- are able to analyze and follow street signs while following all the rules and regulations of the road.

8 advance cameras analyze and evaluate different objects and react in real time in order to transport the driver to the desired location both safely and efficiently.

The vehicles have cameras that allow 360 degree vision. Additionally, all that is required is that the driver verbally says the desired destination. If no destination is said the car will look at your calendar and automatically assume your desired destination, if your calendar is clear the car with drive u home automatically. once at your desired destination the driver steps out of the car and the car will enter "park seek mode" the car will seek a nearby safe parking spot. Once returning a simple tap on your phone will alert the car of your position and it will return to the driver.

Tesla Auto Pilot utilizes 8 cameras in order to individualy scan and analyze all objects and signs while sadly and accurately transporting you to your desired destination.

This is a huge step in innovation and in the development of eliminating the human error in driving. This is just the beginning, soon it will be legal and regulated in all countries - as right now it is not-. the positive impact this can have in not only reducing accidents but also comfort and convenience is endless. there are very little negatives involved with this development rather than cost, and the fact that when being introduced to the market only a small minority will have access to this technology whilst others will not this maybe her to integrate together as the auto pilot does not have the ability to reason.

Tesla's super charging station allows for drivers to fully charge their batteries in minutes rather than hours, this is ideal for long road trips and is completely free. Each supercharging station contains anywhere from 3-7 chargers for Tesla users to charge their unique Tesla batteries.
Each red mark represents a Supercharging station, they are often located at highly populated areas and common road stops.

The future of Tesla Cars

Tesla Models X, Model S and Model 3

Tesla believes in progressing as fast as possible in order to truly create the most advance automobiles in the world and so far they are surpassing their own expectations. they have done the unimaginable and are constant working to expand on new innovations and developments. They have already fully eliminated the human aspect old driving and are working on making the task of driving both safe, comfortable as well was stylish. One cannot know what they have planned for in the future but we can know that Tesla is going to continue to break barriers and surprise both consumers and the world. the only argument that I see people saying is that are we really progressing if we are removing the human aspect of doing things and automating nearly everything. Additionally some may argue that automobiles do not have the ability to reason and that this may in turn increase rick of collisions. Although this has been disproved due to the fact that Tesla's Autopilot is proven to be approximately 2 times better than an experienced driver.

Sorces: https://www.tesla.com/en_CA/model3

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