The Problems of "Parenting" The Nurse's Blog

Entry #1: Today I was talking to Lady Capulet in their house when she had me call for Juliet. She wanted me to leave so they could talk in private, which I didn't really understand because I'm closer to Juliet than her mother is to her, so I was very happy she called me back so I could listen and give insight on the conversation. It started out by debating Juliet's age which I was pretty confident in my thoughts. I was proud of myself after I gave a full explanation of my thoughts and evidence of how Juliet is 13 and will turn fourteen soon. It so scary how fast they grow up. I hope I get to see the day when my Juliet gets married.

Lady Capulet just told me the best news I've heard in a while! She called Juliet to talk about marriage. I'm so excited and nervous; I hope Juliet is as happy as I am. More great news-Juliet said it would be an honor to marry the wonderful man Paris who seeks her love. She also said she could love him which is a great start! I am so proud of my little girl. She's so obedient and will not go past her parent's boundaries. She deserves many happy days and happy nights I hope her father approves.

Juliet is so beautiful, I would be so proud if she was my daughter.

Entry #2: My master Lord Capulet is throwing a party for poor Paris since Juliet is too "young." I disagree with his decision that Paris cannot marry Juliet. I believe Juliet is almost too old! Many girls in Verona already have children. Well anyway I am happy Paris can hopefully pursue someone else, but I have a feeling he might stay loyal and wait for Lord Capulet to give his consent. I hope it all goes well for our family.

I can't believe this. The party was going wonderfully until I had to pretty much chase Juliet. Her Parents needed her so I was asked to retrieve her. I saw her kissing a boy other than Paris. I think it was Romeo who is a Montague (our rivals for many years). Our family and the Montagues have been in a feud forever. I'm not gonna tell her parents because then Juliet will lose trust in me. I really don't want to ruin our great relationship so I won't say anything. I have to talk to her about it tomorrow though.

The party was great and Juliet found a new boy!

Entry #3: I can tell they kids like each other a lot. I was sent by Juliet to go to Romeo's chamber. I told him to treat her right. He needs to be honest and not trick her or take her love for granted. Romeo gave me a message for Juliet and I was very pleased to hear it. He told me to tell Juliet to go to Friar Lawrence to be married! I'm so happy they're in love, but I'm a little worried it has to be done in secret.

When I got back to the Capulets Juliet was very interested in what he said. I was having a good day so I decided to keep it going and have a little fun. I was teasing Juliet about Romeo and whenever she asked what he said I told her I was out of breath. I feel a little bad but it was very funny because Juliet was beginning to get frustrated. One time I was about to tell her and then I asked for her mother! After I had a good laugh I finally told her and it made her day. She started freaking out that she was going to marry Romeo. I'm so happy the lovers are sealing the bond forever!

I had a nice talk with Romeo in his cell.

Entry #4: I have terrible news. Tybalt was killed. He was my dear friend, he was so honest, very courteous, and most of all trustworthy. I'm dreading the time when I have to tell Juliet the story. She is going to be devastated to find out that Romeo was the killer. I can sort of see Romeo's side and that he only killed Tybalt to avenge one of his best friends Mercutio. This is a very tense situation which is very upsetting.

I told Juliet that Tybalt was dead first and she was sad about her cousin. Then she asked who killed him and I had to tell her it was Romeo. She was even more crushed when she found out Romeo was banished to Mantua. She wanted me to find him before he's gone and give him a ring to signify there love. When I got to the Friar's cell, Romeo was on the floor crying. It was as heart wrenching to him as it was to her. I gave him the ring and it seemed to relieve him greatly. I have no idea what is going to happen to their relationship now. I think it is strong enough too overcome and they will find a way to be together.

The ring Juliet gave to Romeo was very nice and romantic.

Entry #5: Lord Capulet wants Juliet to marry Paris now. I'm so confused. Since Romeo is gone it will be a little easier for her unless she refuses. Juliet said no to her father and he said to never look at him again. I'm very upset that this family is falling apart. I don't know why she refused to marry Paris. She could still love Romeo but marry Paris for the family's sake.

Juliet changed her mind and said she was going to marry Paris. When I went to wake her for the big day she was dead. She had killed herself! I am so sad I don't know what I am going to do without her. She was like a daughter to me. Poor Paris just wanted a wife and poor Romeo' wife is dead. I have to break the news to the Capulets and Paris now. First Tybalt now Juliet, this family is in a time of sorrow now and for a while.


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