Caterina Van Hemessen By: margot henrichon

  • Hemessen was born in 1528 in Antwerp Belgium
  • Spent most of her life in Antwerp Belgium
  • master in the Guild of St. Luke and she taught three students
  • she spent most of her days painting
  • she was a painter
  • Portrait of a Lady, 1551, National Gallery, London
  • Portrait of a Lady in 16th Century Dress, Bowes Museum
  • Young Woman Playing the Virginals, 1548, Cologne, Wallraf-Richartz Museum
  • Her father was her patron

Caterina Van Hemesson's self portrait was created in 1548.

  • You can find this painting in Öffentliche Kunstsammlung, Basel Switzerland.
  • This self portrait was the first self portrait that people know of.
  • I found this piece interesting because their was not a lot of famous women painters back then and she was one of them.
  • This painting is secularism because nothing in this picture relates to religion it is just a painting of her

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