The Lost Dog By Liam Garry

One day in the middle of summer I was on a walk to go to Cumberland farms to pick up some sunflower seeds after I got the seeds, I went to Matt’s on Mendon. After my haircut, I was on my way home when I saw a poster on a telephone pole for a lost dog I thought nothing of it until I read the whole paper on the bottom it said a reward of 200 dollars for finding the dog.

I was not sure if the dog had been found so I called the number A man named Dave picked up and I asked if his dog has been found. After I said no that I was just looking for the dog he seemed disappointed. But I said I would try my best to find his new puppy. It was a small beagle puppy that went by the name of Charlie. The little puppy belonged to a man and a woman who lived a few houses down from me I did not know them very well so I would look out for the dog I needed to find that dog so I decided to dedicate my whole day to walking around looking in the woods and behind every building.

First I looked at Dollar Tree I came up empty, Next I looked in the woods behind my house I walked one mile then ended up in a graveyard, which I had zero clue was there. I kept walking for a while until I got to a road so I decided to head back to my house I started to think where I was going to look next I decided to go in my Aunts woods Her woods are huge it goes on for a few miles then it pops you out in the road next to Bentley field so I started walking in that direction. About 16 minutes into my walk I heard a bark but not a loud bark a high pitched bark I ran over as fast as I could. I did not want the dog to get startled and run away so when I got close to the area when the dog was a tipped toed over their being as quiet as possible. In the corner of my eye, I saw a dog tail so I ran over there and it was the little puppy. I clipped the leash around the dog and headed toward my house I was walking in the woods for 45 minutes until I realised I was going the wrong way I was pretty lost. I walked for another 10 minutes trying to find a signal so I could go on google maps but by the time I got a signal I was connected to my wifi and I knew I was close to my 200 dollar reward. When I finished my journey in the woods I returned the puppy to its owner and claimed my 200 dollar reward. I felt determined to find that puppy and my hard work was rewarded It made me feel if you work hard you can do anything. I spent the money in a few days but it was still worth it.

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