War of roses By Carter joggerst

Richard III-Guilty or Not = Richard the third murdered his two nephews at the tower of london

Henry VI vs Edward IV = Henry Vl was the king at the start of the war and was mentally ill.

Edward Vl = the first york to become king

Battle of Bosworth Field = Henry the Tudor beats Richard the lll
Henry Tudor and the House of Tudor= The house of Tudor defeats the house of York. Henry the Tudor defeats Richard the third at the battle of boss worth.


Created with images by Leshaines123 - "Tewkesbury Abbey Evening #dailyshoot" • p_a_h - "Richard III" • Adam Bruderer - "King Richard III, Scarborough" • (vincent desjardins) - "New York City, Lower Manhattan, Financial District : Trinity Church, 1846 : cemetery" • Dun.can - "King's College Cambridge" • Jams_123 - "Bosworth Battlefield" • ell brown - "Blakesley Hall, Blakesley Road, Yardley" • Karen Roe - "Layer Marney Tower 09-06-2013" • Karen Roe - "Layer Marney Tower 09-06-2013" • Graeme Darbyshire - "White Rose of York"

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