Mars water collection challenge By john nabors and DHruv odama

Objective— using operator controled robot, students must maneuvera bot to collect a water bottle place it into a container and return e bottle and the container to base camp.

Do— today I will modify the bots wheels and add more of them to allow for more maneuverability to climb over the ramp.

Think— today I will try to add wheels and e extra wheels that we need. I will also try or add a compartment that the water bottle can rest in when we are driving.

Think— today we will try to prevent the robot from bottoming out when going over the ramp. We will also add a basket that will hold our water and prevent it from falling over or out while we drive over the ramp. We will also add a few extra gears to move the wheels farther apart.

Do— today I tested our robot and added a conuterballence weight so that our robot would not fall over whenever we tried to pick up the water bottle, I also moved th wheels farther apart of prevent further bottoming out. We also unfortunately could not find any other wheels and we found that we could only easily cross the ramp if we had a wheel in the middle of our robot.

Think— today we will test out our robot on the tracks and work out the kinks and find ways to solve them.

Do—first we found at extra wheel that was attached to a robot that was not being used ( we checked this). So we added this to the back to ensure the robot was stable? The wheel that it took the place of went into the middle to allow us to climb over the ramp. Later after this we tested our robot and we managed to get over the ramp but when we went to pick up the water bottle it weighed us down and we werent able to pick it up. Instead the rest of our base started Turing and ended up upside down. To fix this we added a spoiler and put a motor on the back to counter the weight of the water bottle. Another problem arose when we tried to pickup the container where the container would end up upsiddown inside of our robot so we decided to instead add a basket in tha back that the claw would drop the bottle into.

Our robot after modifications we made to our clawbot( see


Do today we managed to tweak our robot to be able to reliably move over the ramp. We added another regular wheel onto our final axel and moved oour makeshift wheel to the back of the bot


Do— today we began to add a bucket that will hold the water bottle in a more secure way. We need this because we can't get back over the ramp with our original bucket design. So we decid to move the bucket further into the center of mass so allow us to cross the ramp.


Our final robot had a custom designed 'bucket' for our water bottle,this allowed us to have a center of gravity closer to the front of the robot. This made it much easier for us to cross over the bridge. The fac that we had 6wheels was also a helping factor because then we almost always had traction when we were going over the ramp. Also we made our claw around 3 inches allowed us to counterbalance all of the weight from our bucket in the back. Theclaw also increased our general speed and our turning speed whenever it was angled forward.

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John Nabors

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