Learning from Experience Lauren Eitel final project

Scout's Experiences

Courtroom Scale

The picture of this uneven scale could be used to remember when scout learned that the world is not an even playing field. It was shown that it wasn't in the court room because every single move that was made against Tom was much worse due to the color of his skin. This injustice could have been noticed when when Dill was upset about the way they spoke to Tom and said that they weren't speaking to him because that is their job, they speak to him that way because he is seen as a lower person than a white person like Mayella. The lesson that Scout learned in this book is that some people in this world don't accept the idea of equality.


Scout learned a lot about people and what judging someone is all about. Shoes would remind her of the time that Atticus told her that you can't actually judge someone or know their life until you have lived in their shoes. All of these shoes show how everyone's story is different. Scout finds that this is true when she is on the Radley's front porch and realizing Aurther Radley's life choices.


This picture of someone pointing a finger shows the same thing that the Ewells did to Tom with barely any steady evidence. This could remind Scout of how Atticus described to her that Tom was a dead man as soon as Mayella decided to try and cover herself up. The lesson Scout can be that people accuse others to save them self. As if they are throwing someone else under the bus to protect themselves.


This lamb represents Tom Robinson and his innocence. Scout learns this and is reminded multiple times it is wrong to hurt the ones who shouldn't pay. The idea of hurting the innocent is the main lesson of the book because it is said it is wrong to kill a mocking bird in the book. That mocking bird we see on the cover is the symbol Scout associates with Tom Robinson and his death.

Colorful Crayons

The disability of color blindness can be a symbol for the same thing that happens to people when people don't except the diversity of people. Scout learns from her father Atticus that people do things that don't match up with their personality when they aren't in the same state of mind they usually are. From this lesson Scout could discover that diversity is something beautiful that is sometimes hard for people to embrace.

My Experiences


This timer represents the constant time crunch I am on with my crazy schedule. Through the school year I have learned to prioritize my assignments at school in order to stay caught up with expectations of classes. Besides the fact that my schedule in my life is exhausting, it has taught me to manage my time and pace myself through whatever activities the day has planned for me. A timer could teach me the lesson to plan ahead because life is too short to miss out on important times of your life.


Earlier this year at state baton competition, my friend and I were competing against each other in almost all of our events. I had a really good day performing and taking all of the wins. The only thing my friend won that day was one event against me. Later that day as my coach went through score sheets we found that I was actually the winner of that event along with all of the others. I told the people who knew about the situation that I wanted the other girl to win because I knew she had a really bad day. to me, this trophy doesn't represent first place or beating someone, this symbolizes friendship and how friendship is a much greater feeling. This shows me the lesson that friendship is one of life's greatest gifts and achievements.

Caution Tape

This caution tape reminds me of the past school year and the people who call themselves my friends. This year has taught me how to choose my friends and to look for a true friend in someone. One might describe me as timid or cautious when around strangers or people I don't know very well. this would represent me from this year because I have been introduced to a new side of people I have known forever. Having this change in someone ways can hurt the people around them making it to where friendship is broken. I have lost many friendships over this, so I am cautious to not let it happen again. The lesson I take away from this is you can't trust everyone who says they are your friend.

Masks of Emotion

These masks represent the emotion I show in my life and in twirling. I am not a person who shows emotion which bothers many. In life if you don't show emotion you are considered rude,mad, or upset. The mask I put on covers my face so the people around me feel more comfortable. This also relates to my twirling when I am performing for a crowd. If you don't show emotion you look lost or overwhelmed. I put on my faces for the people around me, not for myself. The lesson I take from this year is people will judge a book by its cover so you better be prepared.

Band aid

This band aid is a symbol for the ways I cover up my feelings. Similar to the earlier slide, I bottle up all of my emotions inside so I don't have to deal with them at that moment. Many say this process is dangerous and bad to do, but lately this past year, it has helped me tremendously. The lesson that I learned and put feelings into words is that something that fixes the problem temporarily is better than nothing.

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