Religion Project

Day 1: Hanging Gardens of Babylon:For my first location i am visiting the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.The Gardens were made as a present from king Nebuchadnezzar to his wife who was homesick and missed all the plats and animals of her homeland.. These gardens are filled with many exotic plants and animals that came from all over the world.It's been a long day but the hanging gardens of Babylon were beautiful I saw a plant called the Prunus Dulcis which made fresh almonds. I also saw a variety of different birds. The Floating Islands of Babylon are associated with Christianity because it has many biblical prophesies surrounding it. The architecture here is lying primarily on big gigantic stone pillars.

Pictures of the beautiful Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Day 2: Mecca: I have just arrived at mecca one of the very important Islamic sacred sites. While i was here i saw more people then iv'e ever seen at black Friday at Walmart just on their knees praying to a weird box in the middle. Mecca is an important sacred site because it is the birth place of Muhammad prophet. Mecca's architecture is very simple its similar to Colosseum where the fighting pit is where the people pray and in the center is a box filled with various things. It's getting late so i should probably say my prayers before i'm on to my next location. (prayer) "Mrs. Moncrief Please forgive me for not turning in my rtt i hope your not to mad but i will try my absoulute best to get it to you on Monday amen."

Pictures of various parts of mecca

Day 3:The Ganges River: Finally arrived at the Ganges river which is way different than what i thought it was. I thought it would be a sacred river but in a remote location but now that i'm here i see the magnitude of pueblo like houses surrounding it and the magnitude of people relying on it. The Ganges river represents Hinduism because they believe that the Ganges river actually came from heaven and the Ganges is now worshiped like a goddess. Like i said the religious architecture is very interesting because its not like an ordinary river it is more like a small beach with many people living off it in there pueblo like houses.

Pictures of the religious architecture of the Ganges river.

Day 4:Temple of the Tooth: I'm still currently in the plain flying over to the Buddhist temple of the tooth and just from a birds eye view it looks incredible especially with the nearby river. Ok, we have arrived at the beginning of the temple now what your probably wondering is why does this temple even matter. This temple is a very important sacred site for Buddhist because the Buddhist sacred Buddha tooth relic is encased in the hearth of this beautiful temple. Ok now that I am in the temple of the tooth i see a Buddhist shrine and in front of the shrine is a dinosaur sized tooth that they believe came from the original Buddha. The religious architecture is very similar to the white house it has a big dome indicated right where the goods are also known as the tooth of Buddha.

Pictures of the marvelous Temple of the tooth

Day 5:The Ark Of The Covenant/Church Of Our Lady Marry:For my next i will be traveling to Zion in Axum. Now that i'm finally here in Zion i can look at the golden tablets given directly to Moses from god also known as the ark of the covenant. I am here at the church of Our Lady Marry where the ark of the covenant is held. What I see is an Egyptian styled box that hold the legendary golden tablets. This church is significant for the fact of holding the legendary ark of the covenant. The architecture is very simple but is wrapped up by the beautiful globe and antenna on top.

Pictures of The ark of testimony casket Tablets and the church Of Our Lady Marry


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