Let's have more opportunities for undocumented immigrant we just want a better life

This people are doing something risky but they do this to give a better life to their families.

most of the illegal immigrants work with the fear of if immigration arrive to where they work they can be deported and if they are here in this country is because they just want to give a better life to they family. Consequently, of this they can not see his families. In addition, I think people like this should get more opportunities to become legal to United States and his families can too so that they can be together with a better life.

Deportation affect families because is separate families because when the government deported people they live the kids here with people that they don'd know and the parents are being deporting.

This girl is showing how undocumented immigrants do their taxes.
These people get caught when they was trying to immigrant to United States.
This girl Fulfilled her dream. Some people can fulfilled them dream because they are illegal.

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