Stock Contributor Workshop with students from Full Sail University, Orlando

A week after our contributor workshop with students from Academy of Art in San Francisco, we held a second workshop for students at Full Sail in Orlando.

We partnered with the EDU Customer Success Manager for Florida, Patrick Koster, to engage faculty and recruit senior level students. The objectives were the same as for our SF workshop: to build excitement among film and photography students to contribute to Adobe Stock, and for faculty to introduce a "Shooting for Stock" class in their curriculum going forward.

For this workshop, we also introduced creating stock footage and invited one of Adobe Stock's featured videographers, John Farr of Stock Footage as one of the speakers and to assist with the video shoot.

Mat kicked off the workshop by asking students whether images should be accepted or rejected for Stock and we had them stand up if they felt the photo should be accepted. Nothing like a bit of exercise to get the brains going.

Mat then gave an overview of the different types of Stock content, his best sellers, and model and property release requirements.

John Farr presented his path to success as a stock video contributor and talked about taking advantage of footage opportunities whenever they present themselves. He finished by playing a showreel of his amazing, stunning work. Goosebumps in the audience!

Paul McAniff, our video outreach specialist, gave an interactive "Lighting on the cheap" demo with one of the students as model.

Terry White, who was in town for the Creative Jam at Full Sail, graciously agreed to co-chair the workshop with Mat and concluded the morning presentation demoing the upload process, his workflow using Lightroom and pointing out the risks of too much post processing which may introduce noise

Then it was time to head out to our photo and video shoot at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando with its historic house.

We had hired 5 professional models and also secured a few students who were happy to model for their classmates.

Before we could get started, Mat had to fight off a swan attack. Several bite marks later, he declared swan burgers were on the menu for the next day.

We mixed models and themes. Fitness along the lake.

John providing tips for shooting video

Inside Lake Eola house

Street Lifestyle

Day 2 started with Mat and Terry critiquing the photos and videos, which students had selected as their number 1s and shared to a CC folder. Tons of valuable advice from the great masters of photography - students were hanging on their every word!

Students then worked in small groups to provide peer critique before uploading their selected content on the Stock contributor portal.

Examples of the content students submitted

What's next

Students L-O-V-E-D the workshop, one of them even said "this was the best day of my life". Well, we sincerely hope he'll have many better days in the future, but we'll take it :-).

Faculty committed to adding "Shooting for stock" to their curriculum - yay!

Our Adobe EDU colleagues found this so valuable that they'd like us to present the workshop format at the Adobe Education Summit in July. And they all professed to having learned a lot, which is the best compliment!

We'll now monitor the success of the students over the next 6 months in terms of upload frequency and sales. We have high hopes for great quality content, three of our participants won the Creative Jam that same evening!


Special thanks to Full Sail faculty, especially Pete Episcopo and Bob Truett who made this workshop possible. Also a big thank you to our Adobe EDU team, Patrick Koster, Jim Babbage and Steve Adler for their support!

The secret sauce to the successful workshop - the most talented and funny presenters around: Mat, Terry, Jim and Paul!

Special thanks to Chad who booked the models, helped with the permits and the logistics!

And who would have believed that a Powerpoint deck can have such an impact? Thanks to Marisa, who put it all together!

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