The Adventures of Tommy and Benjamink By: Thomas W. smith

Two water droplets named Tommy ,the light green droplet, and Benjamin, the dark blue droplet, began their incredible journey in the river. Both of them were splashing in the river.

Both of the water droplets dream was to experience the whole water cycle. They wondered if their dream would come true. A day later, their wish came true. They started to infiltrate

A few seconds later when they opened their eyes, Benjamin and Tommy saw that they were underground. Both of the water droplets were very excited.

"This is so cool!" explained Tommy.

Both of them looked around and saw that the dirt looked like a layered chocolate cake. Tommy and Benjamin felt that they were being absorbed by the dirt. Both of the water droplets entered the stage called groundwater flow , and they were moving towards the lake.

When they opened their eyes, they were now in a lake. Tommy thought they were back in the river, but they were in a lake.

"I hope we'll go up into the clouds soon." Exclaimed Tommy.

Benjamin agreed with Tommy as they continued flowing in the lake just for a few minutes talking about how the beautiful sunset was shining in the river. The sunset looked like a yellow paint spilled out from the sky and onto the lake. Then, both of them started to feel like they were sinking. They were now infiltrating back underground.

When they opened their eyes again, they looked surprised to see that they were back in groundwater.

Tommy was disappointed to see that they were back underground. But at least they were moving rather then staying right there. Now they were absorbing into the dirt again. Both of them thought that they were going to go back to the lake again.

Both of them were right. They did flow back up to the lake. Both of the water droplets were moving in the lake.

Tommy, was disappointed that they were at the same place like before. Benjamin had faith that maybe they would go through a new part in the water cycle.

A couple of minutes later, both of the water droplets started to absorb into the ground. Tommy really hoped that they would not go back into the groundwater (underground).

When they infiltrated into the soil, they were surprised to see that, the grass looked like trees.

"Wow I'm going to take a picture." exlcaimed Benjamin.

Tommy wondered what it would be like to go into the grass. The two rain drops looked around with curiousity .They started to move through the grass. The grass looked like trees. The two rain droplets thought that they were in a grass forest.

When the two droplets, Tommy and Benjamin, went further into the grass forest, they heard a sound that they had never heard before.

Oh no! exclaimed the two water droplets.

Then they both saw a large pink slimy tongue that was after them. The water droplets tried to escape, but the tongue caught up with them. They ended up getting stuck on the tongue, and then they were swallowed through the mouth. The water droplets were frightened because it became very dark. An hour later, the animal that ate the two water droplets was sweating. The two water droplets came out of the animal by evaporation.

The two water droplets were floating up into the sky. Tommy was very excited that he was going up into the clouds while Benjamin was still feeling dizzy and having nightmares about the animal situation.

" I wonder if the clouds taste like cotton candy?" asked Tommy.

Benjamin finally snapped out of the bad day dream and started to explore the clouds.

Then Tommy was very curious in wanting to eat the cloud but Benjamin said that if the cloud could feel pain of being poked, then it would let us go.

Tommy wasn't listening to Benjamin's warning and started to nibble on the cloud. When the clouds felt this, Tommy and Benjamin became very heavy. Both of them were starting the stage of condensation. Then Tommy and Benjamin began to precipitate as rain and they fell to the ground.

When both of the water droplets fell from the clouds by precipitation, they were surprised to see that they ended just where they began their journey.

"What a great day". Spoked Tommy.

Tommy and Benjamin were glad to be home. Although, both of them thought that they'll go back to the places that they visited.

Created By
Thomas Smith

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