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Spring is here, which means it is time to get your favourite cute pair of shoes out!

Shoes are the pedestal for an empowered woman

Excitedly you walk over to the cupboard and grab the pair you have been lovingly gazing on since last year. Waiting on the right moment to put them on, only to find that despite their price tag they don't look good on you anymore. Sure they look good but do the FEEL right? Not quite...

Good shoes can take you places

I know this all too well because I once wore those very shoes. Saving the best till last, only to find I outgrown them, or they outgrew me...

I've worked with coaches, coached myself, took courses, applied for programmes, went on retreats, attended workshops. You name it, I've done it. You couldn't say I didn't try or apply myself.

Yet, as my clients got stellar results, I couldn't enjoy them and would end up burning out close to the finishing line.

What FRUSTRATED me the most is that I JUST COULDN'T get as to WHY I was SO Empowered, Connected and Realised in some ways, and yet, out-of-whack in others. I almost felt de-fragmented. "Where did it all go for me?" Was the question playing on my mind, over and over again.

Does this sound like you at all? No shame in this at all.

What I DID learn through it all is that the secret I was looking for was one if my own making. As an Empath Intutive and a Sensitive, it is simply IMPOSSIBLE for me to follow someone else's formula BUT my own in order to get result. Incidentally this is THE most successful approach because, as it happens. The market nowadays VALUES authenticity. The minute I started following my internal guidance system, everything shifted dramatically.

I also learned that with the right components:

Thoughts and behavioural patterns that had me attracting same, unwanted situations over and over again could shift and align with what I DID want to attract.

Emotions that kept me blocked from receiving could be cleared on a cellular level.

Relationships that were past their sell by date, were painlessly released. At the same giving way to those people and relationship that felt just right.

I was given clarity for the causes of physical pain and disease, meaning I had a deeper connection with my body and could make the changes that were taking me towards health, vitality and continuous energy.

Our work together is about assisting YOU in creating blanced version of success. One that doesn't only look good on the outside, but FEELS good on the inside too.

I have no desire to give you MY exact process because this is where a lot of Conscious Entrepreuers go wrong. Your process HAS to be your own.

Ready to drop FALSE pretenses and become the Expert in YOUR life?

Join me for Activate Your Most Poweful Self Call ( Valued $250.00) and get deep dive session to ensure your are Crystal Clear and Aligned with your Soul Purpose.


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