Buzzfeed Lindsay Beveridge

  • What is Buzzfeed? (broad and hard to characterize)
  • History
  • How it relates to my experience and future job field

Buzzfeed is a social news and entertainment company sharing everything from videos, quizzes, memes and the latest breaking news.

Buzzfeed works as an umbrella that covers TIME, Aol news, TMZ, Life and other media sites. Buzzfeed monitors what is "going viral" and pulls them into one place,


It was founded in 2006 by John Peretti who worked for the Huffington post in the past.
Starting off slow, looked like this in 2006. It was similar to any other news sight.
But a few years later, buzzfeed realized their first ever viral meme, Disaster girl. Buzzfeed slowly began creating more entertaining content.
Today, Buzzfeed offers everything to news articles to fun time wasting quizzes.

So, Why Buzzfeed?

  • Fun and creative work environment
  • To further my experience in social media outreach
  • To explore my minor in mass communications.
  • Reaches audiences all over the world
  • Fastest growing media company in history
  • Great networking opportunity
Conclusion: Buzzfeed is a business like no other with endless career opportunities that combines hardworking and creative individuals in a fun environment.
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Lindsay Beveridge


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