Clemson University Parking Services The Game That Nobody Wins

Clemson University is an astounding institution, but it has some serious parking problems that must be resolved.

According to Clemson University's newspaper, The Tiger, 3,579 permits were issued to residents living on campus at the beginning of the 2014 school year. There are only 3,316 total residential parking spots located on campus, which means some students who purchase a parking pass are not guaranteed an on campus parking spot.

Does this truck look familiar? If not, I'm sure you will see it sooner than later. Holiday Towing has partnered with Clemson University to pick out, tow, and store all vehicles who violate Clemson's parking policies more than five times.

Clemson Parking and Transportation Services

There are 1.07 resident permits for every space, which means some students will be seeing this crew of smiling faces very soon. Failing to park your car in the lot that corresponds with your permit will result in a $30 parking violation. While there are some parking alternatives, such as paying to park in the metered spots, they aren't always available. There is a three hour limit on the metered spaces located on campus, so waiting for a spot to open is not much of an option if you are in a rush to get to class.

When you receive a ticket, you may appeal it. However, most of the time, you're going to have to pay the fee anyways.

Here are a couple of real student interviews, and what they think about Clemson University's terrible parking situation.

Many may think there are advantages of living off campus, which there are, but parking is not one of them. As of 2014, there were 44% more commuter parking permits distributed than spaces located on campus. Out of all of the students who commute to get an education at Clemson University, 82% of them purchased a parking permit. There are 1.93 commuter permits for every space Clemson University offers to it's commuting students. On a survey of 50 students who commute to Clemson, 34 claimed to have received a ticket within the past semester.


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