Pile of Dirt or City of Mystery?


  • Island with Big mountain in the centre with more mountains up north
  • Fertile plains surround the centre mountain and more plains in the south
  • Central mountain had rings of water in between the plains and the mountain
  • Water flowed from underground(Both hot and cold)
  • Well forested
  • Chestnut trees common
  • three kinds of stone(red,black and white)were on the island
  • Brass to cover their dwellings
  • Brass,tin,orichalcum to cover the outer walls of the city
  • Poseidon temple in center of city
  • Cliffs on most sides, but otherwise a plateau
  • Island subcontinent
  • Bigger than Libya and modern Turkey together


  • Atlantis was just a story
  • Atlantis was fictional, however the world wide deluge is fact
  • Atlantis was a continent that was sunken by natural disasters
  • Plato referred to Atlantis as being wiped out by a volcanic eruption
  • Atlantis is in the Bahamas
  • Destroyed by an earthquake
  • Athenians forgot about Atlantis because only the illiterate people survived the battle
  • Swallowed by the sea
  • Many scholars believe Plato made up the story of Atlantis as a way to represent his philosophical theories.
  • Plato could have written about the Minoans because the destruction of their civilization is similar in the way that Atlantis was wiped out.A massive volcanic eruption devastated the island of Santorini.(both were destroyed by volcanic eruptions)
  • Destroyed by a giant tsunami
  • Professor of archaeology Ken Feder believes that atlantis is a Greek version of Star Wars
  • Plato made up Atlantis as a plot for his stories because they're are no other records of it anywhere
  • Ignatius Donnelly in 1881 came up with the theory that the regular human mind could not think of the metallurgy, agriculture, religion and language all by themselves. Must of come from somewhere else aka the atlanteans


  • Plato created,saw,or heard the story of Atlantis.
  • Plato said that Atlantis was created 9000 years before his own time and it was passed down by poets,priests, and others, but he's the only known recollection of it.
  • He was going through some hard times with his ideas about divine vs. human nature. Like the gradual corruption of the human society
  • If almost certainly false why repeated 2,300 after Plato's death?
  • Could of written about the Minoans but the times don't match to when the civilization was destroyed
  • Told the story around 360 B.C.
  • Plato’s dialogue the "Timaeus" and the "Critias," written about 330 B.C. were the first recollection of Atlantis


  • Founders of Atlantis were half god half human
  • Great naval power
  • Metallurgy, agriculture, religion and language. All advanced.
  • Rulers descended from Poseidon but lineage became diluted as they mixed with mortals
  • Extensive trade with other countries


I believe that Atlantis never existed. According to an article, if Atlantis had existed, that Atlanteans had extensive trade with numerous countries, then why is there no mention of Atlantis before Plato's stories. Because wouldn't the traders remember people that were half god? And how would Plato know about Atlantis unless it was just a made up story. Plato was going through some rough times expressing his feelings that humans need for power and other such things would corrupt the society. So he made up a story about how there was perfect society but was brought down when they wanted more than what they already had(they were being greedy) Then the gods punished them by destroying the city.

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