Cosmic Rhythm spotlights moments shared consciousness between artists of contrasting mediums.

Simultaneous performances brew haunting, impromptu piano and synth music, merged with dazzling visual projections, all while dancer Azumi propels traditional Butoh movement to stir up this artistic concoction and mesmerize the audience.

This hour-long performance blends a unique mixture of visual, sonic, and physical magic, grounded in elements of Asiatic culture and noise music, that holds audiences spellbound in a moment of spontaneous creation. Presented by Takuya Nakamura, azumi OE, Marton "JUICE" Gabor, and Sienna Berritto, Cosmic Rhythm questions the everyday reality we wade through, and highlights an innate search for a new purpose.


Executive Producer / Partner

Sienna Berrito

National Sawdust June 30th 2019 /// Cosmic rhythm /// Takuya Nakamura (composer), Doug Wieselman (multi-instruments), Dan Rieser (Drums), azumi O E (Butoh), Stage Visualist Marton Daniel Gabor and Hair & Body Modification Risa Hirayama Produced by Sienna Berritto, Photography by William Semeraro
Ideal Glass May 25th 2019 ///Cosmic Rhythm D.U.O ///Takuya Nakamura (composer) + azumi O E (butoh) , Produced by AvanTokyo
National Sawdust January 10th 2019 /// Cosmic rhythm /// Takuya Nakamura (composer), Rebekah Heller (bassoon), Laura Ortman (Violin), Marton Daniel Gabor (Stage Visual), azumi O E (Butoh), Risa Hirayama (Hair & Body Modification), Produced by Sienna Berritto and Photography by Michael Wu
Cafe Capri April 11th 2018 /// Cosmic rhythm /// Takuya Nakamura (composer), azumi O E (Butoh), Stage Visualist Marton Daniel Gabor, Produced by Sienna Berritto, Photography by Hayato Takahashi




Pianist, Multi-instrumentalist and Producer/DJ, Takuya Nakamura has been playing Piano. trumpet, and various electronic instruments for over 20 years throughout the United States and the world with a diverse group of artists such as Quincy Jones, Lee scratch Perry, Gza (Wu Tang Clan), DJ Shadow, Cocorosie, George Russell's Living Time Orchestra, Arto Lindsay, Vernon Reid, Jojo Mayer's Nerve, Brazilian Girls, Organic Grooves. and many others.

Currently performing pianist/electronics for Cocorosie, as well as a few pianist residencies throughout NYC.


azumi O E___ 大江梓美

azumi O E was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. She is a former principal dancer of New York-based Butoh company Vangeline Theatre, performed over 8 years. She joined as an assistant choreographer/main dancer for Butoh Master Katsura Kan's several world tours. Her own solo work was presented in New York, Boulder, Beijing, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Helsinki, San Miguel de Allende, Puebla, Stuttgart, and Kyoto. Expansion of her Butoh career, she works as a dancer/choreographer for Video Sculpture artist Katja Loher, collaborative work for MARCK his video art contents and live performances, duo project with Bassist Sean Ali, Trio with composer Takuya Nakamura and stage visualist Marton "JUICE” Gabor.

Participating and developing interactive tech/sound/stage-visual projects, experimental films, music videos and many more. azumi is constantly at work on wide range of collaborative, and solo projects.



Born in artist's family (Aron Gabor and Zsuzsa G Heller) as their kid spent most of his time in painting and sculpture studio. Started Photography and drawing from a teenager. After high school became an assistant of an established photographer (Karoly Szelenyi), Joined the first cycle messenger crew in Budapest (Hajtas Pajats and CCB). Graduated Media Design at MOME University of Arts with honors. During his university time, he met the co-founder of Urbanizer Visual crew the first Vj crew from Budapest, with (Zsiga Bernathy) his stage visual career started, during being a designer at (Solid) graphics studio. Touring with bands and solo performances all over Europe creating Stage Visuals. He became Co-founder/organizer of VJ Battle, visual jam session and among others. The active messenger life in Budapest, making graphic designs for races and events, participated in organizing international messenger races (ECMC and CMWC). He found new art forms as a Stage Visualist in theater shows, runway shows, and live cinema. After moving to New York City, started to work for Glowing Bulbs Studio, making building mappings in the US. Touring with Grammy-winning solo artist Dana Leong overseas. Concert visuals and stage design in NYC for Les Nubians, Stage mapping for Output club NYC popular monthly event Grayscale with Vj Farkas Fulop. Recently he is on work of fine art prints digital photo montages from street photography bringing messenger view of the city. Father of three amazing sons.