Homelessness By:John Cantu

1.Anyone could be a homeless person.Not living under a roof or with nothing to eat.Hungry, scared and dirty.

2.50 years ago Issues were even worse because everything in the past used to be so much expensive in 1967 a dollar was pretty expensive.Now a dollar isn't really that much.The people could barely eat or stay clean during that time.Most of the issues are still the same.People don't care about others and just stay happy as long as it's not them.I guess this generation is greedy, so much greedy than before.50 years ago there were 4,500 Homeless people in austin and now there are 2,300 homeless people in Austin it's gone down because everything stopped being expensive in Austin

3.50 years from now I think there probably wouldn't be no more homeless people because people could care more for them much more than they did before and now.Mostly people that were rich and sometimes they didn't have to be rich they just didn't care about others like they will in the future.

4.Jay-z helps fight against homelessness and He tries to help as much as he can because he actually cares about people not like most other people who don't.He donates food most of the time on his down time because he has nothing to do.He has bought 2 homeless people a house and prepaid the first 2 years until the homeless people could get back to their feet and handle them selves.Like he once said not everyone can make it, some others have different stuff and different ways to do stuff.

5.I think I can reach out to my friends and probably make a team and try to go around houses and asking them if they have cans that they can or could donate to the homeless.Even if i'm a little kid i think just anybody could make a big difference in their own way or doing their own part.


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