Ael’s Mystical Sanctum Welcome All who enter

Welcome to my mystical Sanctum. I’m Ael, your Gateway, teacher, reader for all things within this Sanctum. My first name is Welsh, pronounced Ay-ehl. My surname is the petit version of Alexander. Many ask if it’s that Alexander, though I’m not sure. I do however know of many family members by various names.

Since I was very young, I’ve been the metaphysical, science, history buff. Or as my gramps put it, “Give me all the information and I’ll let you know.” Since then, I’ve always been guided by my head and my intuition in harmony together. Now, there were times when I’ve ignored the head and my intuition to end up regretting it. So, I’ve learned I needed to be true to me and my core self, no matter what others think. I’ve been much happier since I have.

Let’s talk Reiki. This healing modality is said to have originated in Japan and is an energy based. As a Reiki Master, I can engage in healing sessions as well as teach Reiki to others. Though I’ve always been an Intuitive with tarot, runes, oracle cards and the like, using my other talents were often difficult to explain. Tapping into the Reiki energy not only helps provide a better connection with my client, but it oftentimes allows my other abilities to engage too. If you wish for a session or even perhaps to study with me, you can find out more about the courses or the sessions on oraclealchemy.com.


Runes are the ancient writing style of the Norse and Proto-Germanic tribes. More importantly, this writing, called the Futhark, was ofttimes used for divination as well. Both the Elder (the runic writing used by the Germanic tribes) and the Younger, Scandinavian tribes, had similar writing styles, though different ways to divine. For the record, neither used a blank stone for divination. That’s a modern inclusion.

Yes, I do rune readings. They’re done with wood, stone or cards. I use whichever of them I need and needs of the requestor. These readings are often deep, I enjoy working with the runes for many occasions,


Tarot started in the 14th and 15th centuries in Italy. The major Arcana is called the trionfi. The game tarochhi is played today. The divination status of tarot was noted in letters from the 15th century, though it came into its own in the 19th century, during the time of the Order of the Golden Dawn.

Many people get nervous over learning the Tarot. I even had moments thinking I couldn’t do it. Yet, in time, I realised that the RWS version had many ways you could go about reading the deck. From memorisation of meanings to looking at the symbols on the pictures and weaving the pictures into a story, using your intuition to guide you- there are ways of reading the deck, it’s finding ways that make it easier for you.


Writing is a solo sport. Yet, writers need to be able to connect with readers, converse with other writers, research with the help of librarians, and able to promote their projects online, television, in person. Yet, we all start at the beginning- learning how to write. Through the years, I’ve learned to write fiction, published under a pseudonym, taught online classes on writing fiction.

So, my goal is to share my knowledge with you. Teach you what I know. Help you learn what it takes to go the distance. We’ll go over the options of traditional and self publishing, see which is right for you. We’ll even talk about agents.


Crystals, gems, and stones are wonderful. They not only provide decoration, but they also help many intuitives to focus their abilities. Some crystals have unique structures which allow for them to hold energy. I’m a huge fan of crystals, their meanings, and what they can do for you.

I love talking crystals as my mom taught me to respect them. She also showed me how to make jewellery. Here, you’ll learn the basic crystals you should always have, some special pieces I recommend- Quantum Quattro, Special Seven, Labradorite, Mooakite, and others. We’ll even discuss how to use the crystals in daily life.

So, come, sit down, relax in the Sanctum. The mystical journey has only begun. Together we can learn not just about the world, but ourselves as well. Take a look at each section you’re interested, watch for my blog posts, and my upcoming classes.

Just like the transitions of the moon, we grow and change. So, let’s work together and bring out your best.

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Ael Xander


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