Photo Composition Project By Colten Hammack

I sat in my room thinking, "what kind of patteren is appealing to me," and nothing really was interesting. Because of my soul searching, I kind of lost my train of thought. Then, as I was pulling out my guitar to practice, it hit me. Why not photograph a thing that i did every day, like a "patteren," it works on multiplae levels.

Up The Frets

This was a bit of a rushed photo, it was 6:40 and as i was getting out of the shower i noticed the perfecct thing to use for the texture element. Because of the lighting, i had trouble getting a clear photo, and this was the best i got. it reminds me of creek cobble.

Water With a goOD GRIP

This photograph was again another random thought. staring at the spirals and moving their angle was interesting, so I decided the best way for rule of thirds to work was to have it move diagonally across on of the points. It may not interest everyone, but I thought it was fun to follow the spirals.

The Perfect Spiral

Leading lines is kind of hard to capture on something moving, so i decided to get a lot of short lines leading to one direction.

Straight and Tall

As of late all i can think about is my computer. With that in mind I think that this makes plenty of sence, i might as well work with it.


This is my photograph for space, focusing on an object that I found interesting was a little difficult. And its a given that most of my fascination is virtual, which is hard to take a picture of. The thought behind it is that its a frog on the water.

Lazy Frog in the Pond

Looking up at something and realizing how small you are is kind of terrifying. It's more terrifying to see that at the point of something much smaller. This is shallow depth at what I think, its finest.

The Rolling "Hills"

Nature is a very beautiful aspect of life, considering that most of it is nature. However, the man made "beauties" are almost always in focus. This is my photo for deep depth, but it was kind of hard to capture on a phone.

For my final photo, I could think of nothing better than to show an illusion of motion. With a very tricky treat holding, I was able to capture my dog jumping perfectly. I could't have gotten this any better if i tried. Her paws blurring is what sells it.

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