The Lewis And Clark Expedition

Key Players of the Expedition

  • Meriwether Lewis- American explorer, writer, politician, and public administrator. He was known for his role in the Corps of Discovery also known as the Lewis and Clark expedition.
  • William Clark- American explorer native to Virginia, he was best known for his work on the Corps of Discovery, but was also a renowned explorer. territorial governor, and soldier
  • Sacagawea- A 14- 15 year old native American who helped serve as an Indian interpreter, and served as a wilderness guide sharing information, such as how to get food and survive, with the Corps of Discovery
  • Patrick Gass- An Irishmen from Pennsylvania who was the head Carpenter of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • Alexander Hamilton Willard- An American, native to Virginia who was the head blacksmith if the Corps of Discovery Expedition lead by Lewis and Clark.
Left Merriweather Lewis an Right Laexandar Hamilton Willard.

Accomplishments of the Expedition

  • Peaceful cooperation with most natives.
  • Encouraged settlement of the West
  • Discovery of new wildlife and geology

Hardships of the Journey

  • Sacagawea their Indian guide got sick along the journey.
  • Food was scarce.
  • The corps had to battle the currents of the Missouri River.

Species Discovered Along the Journey

  • Abies Grandis- The Grand Fir was discovered in 1831, along the northwest coast of America. It is primarily used as timber, but its bark was once used by Native Americans as a remedy for fevers.
  • Cirsium Edule- The Edible Thistle is found in southwestern Alaska and the northwest corridor of the Continental United States (Oregon and Washington). The roots of the plant are edible, while the rest of the plant is toxic.
  • Taxidea Taxus- The American Badger is a useless creature found in the western and central United States, northern Mexico, and south-central Canada to certain areas of southwestern British Columbia.


  • Anvil- An anvil was taken on the journey to aid in blacksmithing other tools need on the rest of the journey.
  • Jefferson Peace Coin- The peace coin was taken on the journey to aid in making peace with the natives.
  • Hammer- The hammer was a tool used by both the blacksmith and the carpenter to make other needed tools on the journey.

Route Taken

Map of the route taken by the Corps of Discovery

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