Global Projects Inject Creativity September 8th 2021

Source Ditch That Textbook Courtesy of AEL Sjanni van den Berg

Making global connections for both teachers and students meet not only the aims for 21st Century learners but also global competencies.

"Every person you'll ever meet will know something you don't" Bill Nye

Creating global connections allows students and teachers to be co-learners building cultural capital and empathy.

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Take Away:

Use your networks and PLNs.

Recognise opportunities like the Adobe Education Exchange as a source for like-minded educators who may be interested in collaborations.

Get involved with initiatives like Gavin McCormack's Education Influence communities, Google Global Education Groups, organisations like the Asia-Europe Foundation who run global collaborations, the FB W.I.N.G.S group for women educators creating cultural exchanges and collaborations, and the ERASMUS ETwinning platform.

Most of all, give it a go.

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Juliette Bentley


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