Illumination Sophie Bowers

Under the brief title illumination, I have looked at various ways I can use my brief to its advantage, and see what I can create and be inspired from, to show illumination through man made vs. nature.
Looking at Rankin, I wanted to recreate his well-known project 'Spirit of Ecstasy' , by using my own twists, and using close up pictures as well as distance images.
I wanted to intertwine my own ideas and looking at Rankin's ideas, and the outcome resulted in looking into silouhettes and how I can illuminate the background, and all this is based on a mindmap linked to my brief.
I wanted to capture full body images, as well as facial shots, and varying the shapes to see what looked more effective in the final outcome.
I also looked at more natural shoots, such as sunsets. I found photographer, Jim Zuckerman, who specialises in exotic photography, using the sun as his light and creating beautiful shapes and silhouettes using natural resources. From this I decided to incorporate nature colours e.g. sunset with a man made image, and the outcome was extremely effective.
I attempted to show nature through various ways, and linked it all back to my mind map and research based on illumination.
With Nature in mind, I wanted to make the image look as though it was dissolving, as if a flock of birds were leaving a nest, and giving the image that sort of effect.
Thinking back to the very begging of my project, I decided to use colour, to link back to John Poppleton, which was the first photographer I had looked at, based on this I used his idea of vibrant colours and effective shapes, to recreate my own version of his work inspired by Poppleton.
I liked the idea of using silhouettes, and so with this in mind I created a range of images, based on my research and ideas, to see what the outcome would look like.
My final outcome turned out extremely effective and with further analysis could be even better.

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