CrossFit Collegiate Nationals USMA Functional Fitness Team

"Prepare the body for any physical contingency -- not only the known but also the unknown."

Over the course of a grueling 2-day, 4-event competition, the USMA Functional Fitness team, also known as CrossFit Black and Gold, competed against each of the other service Academies and colleges from across the country.

The events included workouts across broad time and modal domains, including swimming, running, weightlifting, gymnastics, and other functional movements.

The event concluded with a well-known CrossFit workout known as "Murph," a salute to a fallen special operations warrior. In this event, more than any other, the Cadets from West Point represented the grit, determination, teamwork, and character expected of our young leaders.

Cadets Julia Coon (A3), Sophia Tarpey (H1), Isaac Nawa (D1), and Cole Smith (D1) teamed up to represent the Academy's commitment to physical excellence.

Above and Left - Ike Nawa competes in Event 1: "Sink or Swim" and Event 3: Squat Clean Ladder. Right and Middle - Sophie Tarpey competes in the Squat Clean Ladder and the final event: "Murph."
We sincerely appreciate the support of DCA and USMA DPE, and we look forward to continuing the pursuit of physical excellence.

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