How are Evidence and Faith Related by : Luke OZdenvar


To what extent does faith require evidence? What kind of evidence?


Journal 1 My group and I have chosen to do the 1st elective reading on the TED page as we were leaving the class. I currently have no idea what it is because we chose it as we were leaving the class. But we all have decided upon the question of “Does faith require evidence?if so what kind?” After listening to the radio lab talk I will create a judgement on weather faith requires evidence. Today we also went over how to write a TOK paragraph. I found it different because although we are suppose to write a paragraph like that in our english class I generally tend to use a different style when writing. At first I found it difficult to write my trial paragraph, I think i will get better as I write more of these and get use to this style.

Journal 2 After listening to the radio-lab, I have made my decision that faith requires evidence. Although faith requires evidence, there is nothing that states that this evidence is true. As long as a person believes in this evidence it can be deemed as their evidence for their belief. We discussed this within our group why people would need an evidence to have faith. We have come to the decision that people need something to put their trust in. I also started on my paragraph turning my question into a simple statement currently I have a very rough draft that needs to be improved in word choice and in grammar.

Final Journal I learned how faith requires evidence. We took the question of :To what extent does faith require evidence? What kind of evidence? People believe in things if there is somewhat of an evidence to support it. Does not matter if that evidence is real or fake, as long as people can find reason to believe in it.

So far, my paragraph is not in such great shape it requires a lot of revisions to make it more coherent and understandable. I need a better way to explain my example and make it coincide with my statement. Currently I am in a position where I have a few words on paper which is still something, now I will improve my word choices

Extension Proposal

This video talks further on the relationship between faith, proof, and love. This would be be a great addition to the list of elective readings because it is both directly related to multiple knowledge questions and would show a great understanding of how evidence and love is both a result and cause of faith. If people find evidence for themselves to believe in they can show compassion and faith into a certain subjects. If this was added to the reading list I would like to indicate that this should not be the whole video probably the first quarter or the first half. The video is filled with great information and provides an extensive understanding of what faith truly is.

Elective Reading

Graham gives lectures all around the country in famous universities. While listening to radio-lab we realize his relationship between the bible and the belief he puts in it. This relates directly to our question of To what extent does faith require evidence? What kind of evidence? He believes in his religion because their is the evidence of the bible. He is not certain if the bible is true but he puts his faith in it and believes it to be true. This shows that we don't need evidence that is true to have faith , we require evidence that we can put our belief in.

Final Project

Faith requires some sort of evidence in order to believe in it. This evidence does not have to be true as long as you believe in it. When Graham shows his belief in his religion it can be noticed that he puts his belief into the bible. He explains how he has been to many universities and given lectures. During these lecture he talks about how even if you don’t believe in a certain religion, it still makes you wonder if something is out there. This therefore shows us that there is a search for evidence under any circumstances to believe in something. Graham bases his belief on evidence, he sees the bible as his evidence and puts his trust in it. He is not aware if all of it is true or false. He believes in it which makes it a form of evidence for him. Therefore, faith requires some sort of evidence that we can put our beliefs in.


Trial TOK Paragraph

Our emotions cannot be put aside even for a moment.There is research that has been done to show that we have an emotional response towards most things in our daily life. All these emotions have an impact towards our health.Our emotions have a significant impact on our reasoning. If we tend have a closer emotional attachment to an event then somebody else our reasoning and the way that we view that event will differ from the other person. Since our emotions impact our reasoning it changes our understanding of the world. It is hard near impossible for us to leave our emotions.

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