Cambodian Genocide By: Dylan Winkles

Cambodia is a smaller country on the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. Located in Asia. Battambang is where Arn Chorn-Pond is from.

The “Killing Fields” consists of mass graves of innocent Cambodians, their bodies and clothes riddled across the ground. This is their horrid final resting place on this earth and now it is a "tourist attraction" - but hopefully more importantly, a tribute to the people who died. According to our tour guide at the site we visited, approximately 14,000 people were brutally murdered and their mangled bodies strewn across the dirty ground in these fields alone. -

This relates to the book because kids were forced to work with little food and Arn was one of those kids.

Lol Non staged a successful coup to depose prince Sihanouk basically, Pol Pot fought back. He returned to Cambodia and joined a communist movement and began to ride through the ranks. The Khmer Rouge were aided by the Vietnamese and deafeated Lol Non. In 1972 the Vietnamese withdrew and gave control over to the CPK and after that the Khmer Rouge dropped bombs on Cambodia and eventually gained 85% of Cambodia's territory. I don't think they were like Nazi's but it was definitely up there.

Arn and his family were ripped away from their home and their entire way of life was changed because of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge

Eventually 30% of the Cambodian population was dead.

Arn would see or hear people die every single day and he would have to play music so no one would hear the skulls breaking.

Angka is a "god" or leader of the Khmer Rouge and they totally little info on said leader. The less people know, the faster the idea spread.

Arn and others at the camp would have to follow angka no matter what or if they talked bad they would get their skull cracked.

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