Writing the Review

Basic elements of an argument

  • Arguable topic
  • Claim or thesis statement
  • Valid reasons
  • Credible evidence
  • Opposing arguments
  • Audience
  • Conclusion

Digital Writing

  • Writer
  • Message
  • Audience
  • Design
  • Medium
  • Genre

Three Content Areas

  • Context
  • Overview
  • Function

Type of Review

  • Journalistic Review - the goal is to provide a critical overview to future players of a game.
  • Historical - the goal is to understand the game as a historical artifact.
  • Community - the goal is to use a game to understand the people who play it.
  • Illustration of a Theory - the goal is to provide evidence and support a theory through analyzing a game.
  • Interpretative - the goal is to communicate how the game may stand or mean something beyond the game itself.
  • Personal Account - the goal is to provide a subjective understanding of a game.

(from Fernandez-Vara Chapter 6)

Biggest Pitfalls

  1. Writing separately; no revising
  2. Really long paragraphs
  3. Proper noun consistency
  4. Not planning out images/video
  5. Being too negative/too much personal account
  6. Generalizations | "All college students..." or "All users..."
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