A dim Sum experience at The Jing fong restaurant By Josh Underberg


The dim sum experience at the Jing Fong restaurant was an experience that I will never forget. From the extensive range of artwork, to the detailed tablecloths, to the endless amounts of food, this restaurant has it all.

Intricate Designs On Tablecloth

The artwork inside of this restaurant portrays multiple different aspects of Chinese culture.

Octogonally Shaped Piece

The work of art that is embedded into the wall in the picture above represents both, the religious belief of Confucianism, and the belief of Daoism. The borders of this piece relate to Confucianism in that they are conformed and they form a rational pattern. The pattern on the inside of the borders represents Daoism. The connection to Daoism is that the frames are erratic like nature, and there is an irregular pattern.

Bamboo Baskets

The bamboo that these baskets are made out of is an example of Daoism. This is Daoism because bamboo comes from the land. Specifically, this is an example of Yin and Yang.

Dragon V.S. Phoenix: Male V.S. Female

The piece of art on the right hand side of this image is portraying a dragon through a sculpture-like figure. This dragon represents the male gender because it does not represent birth. The Phoenix (which is on the wall on the left hand side of this image) on the other hand, represents rebirth, and furthermore, it represents the female gender.


Chinese culture was present, as the restaurant does serve Chinese food! However, within the Chinese culture there were different signs of specific beliefs and ideas (such as Confucianism and Daoism) that were present.

Sharing food with other people and getting to know other people are both examples of Confucianism. This is exactly what happened at the Jing Fong restaurant!

Teacups And The Rules

It is considered proper etiquette for one person to pour tea for the entire table if they want to take for themselves. Along with this rule, the person pouring the tea must make sure not to point the teacup in the direction of anybody near them... doing so is simply considered rude. This idea of people pouring drinks for one another is an example of Confucianism.

Dumpling Made to Look Like A Carrot

Within this "carrot" the religious belief of Daoism is present because the carrot comes from nature. However, the rectification of its name also represents Confucianism. This is a dumpling made to look like a carrot, with a lotus paste inside of it. Confucious believed that social disorder came from the failure to call things by their correct names; to understand and deal with reality. This "carrot" definitely goes against his teachings!

The many different foods that came around on carts definitely filled me up! Here's a look at just a few of the yummy foods:

Pork Shumai

Chicken feet

Chocolate buns

And to top it all off...A delicious dessert!

Black sesame seed Jello

This was an unforgettable experience and I recommend it to anybody who is willing to eat some outstanding dim sum!

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