Ekaarth Entrepreneurial Vision Retreat

What is the point of having eyes but no vision.. Helen Keller

What all can change in one year for you?

  • Actualize your WILL & Master DECISION MAKING, once and for all!
  • Emerge as an Original Leader, None-of-its-Kind!
  • Maximize your Business Returns by 3 Folds
  • Reduce your 'Time at Work' by half, and double your 'Efficiency' effortlessly
  • Maximize your Profits and ROIs by 2 Folds
  • Create a CORE TEAM that replicates your abilities to around 70-80%
  • Master Human Perceptions & Communication Dynamics
  • Be a Leadership Performance Coach to your Team, and also for the Market
  • Create Effortless WELL-BEING & Fitness
  • Rise above Work-Life Balance, and HARMONIZE it all in ONE!
  • Experience Deep Sense of Meaningfulness, by doing more of what you truly Love and Value
  • Maximize your Creativity Quotient & Become an INNOVATOR
  • Embed Self Love in Lifestyle, and Maximize your Happiness, Health & Harmony!
  • Create a Visionary Organization, that perpetually keeps giving Meaningfulness, Wellbeing and Abundance, of all sorts, to all beings..
discover that one meaning of all.. the Ekaarth..

'Ekaarth' a sanskrit word which means the one with a singular meaning, no matter from where you see it, it has the same one meaning.

As an Entrepreneur we may have aspirations to grow in many many different ways, while also being a human we cherish aspirations for a happy, healthy and harmonious life. However, the way life has happened around us, have somehow convinced us in different ways that nobody gets the whole piece of life, everything comes with a cost. And somehow we have reluctantly compromised on this inside of us.

What if you realized that there is no need to compromise your happiness for your growth, no need to compromise your health for your wealth, your peace of your mind for your sense of security, no need to compromise your life for your work, your family for your business, compromise nothing for nothing...

What if anything that you do, fetches you everything that you always wanted, needed and desired for..

You do anything and it leads to one thing, no matter what you do with your time, space, schedule, your energies, your resources, everything leads to one meaning - Happiness..

After all whatever we do, ultimately we do it for Happiness. What if everything you do in a minute, in an hour, in a day, in a week, in a month and a year, all adds to your happiness..

You be wherever and do whatever, brings you the ultimate happiness that you always sought for. Redesigning your life such that it just showers you with happiness and fulfillment from every possible direction, with NO COMPROMISE on anything, a wholesome piece of life, creating that one all inclusive life, is what 'Ekaarth' is all about.

Bringing that most essential singularity in our thoughts and emotions, in our intentions and actions, in our businesses and in our personal lives. 'Ekaarth' is one such profound intervention that sews it all together, where doing for work or doing for life is no more different, it all boils down to one thing - Meaningfulness, where all the meanings blend together to become One Meaning 'Ekaarth'..


A Self Discovery Retreat, a Purpose Discovery Intervention & a Vision Building Workshop..

An Immersive, Experiential, Rejuvenating, Relaxing, Meditative Retreat of 3 Days 3 Nights at a Hill Resort..

Specially Handcrafted for
  1. Visionary Leaders & Enablers
  2. Seasoned & Startup Entrepreneurs
  3. Investors, Mentors & Business Teachers

An Overview

Day 1 - The Original Day

Hike the hill with no objective, but with a clear purpose
Self Discovery Module
  • Images, Identities, Ego & True Self
  • Fear, Risk & Danger
  • Desires, Wants & Needs
  • Feelings, Emotions & State of Mind
  • Feel Food Factor

Day 2 - The Beautiful Day

Discover the deepest of your longings, that's been there since your inception
Purpose Discovery Module
  • Core Values Discovery
  • Discovering the Ultimate 'Why'
  • Purposeful Lifestyle Integration
  • Pranic Well-being Initiation

Day 3 - The Unique Day

Carve out the blueprint of the future that you envision to create
Vision Building Module
  • B-HAG - Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals
  • Vivid Description of Envisioned Future
  • Vision-Value-Purpose Integration
  • Emotional Energy Optimization

Day 1 - Itinerary

The Original Day | Self Discovery
  1. 0800 - 0830 hours - Welcome Briefing
  2. 0900 - 1000 hours - Breakfast with 'Feel Food Factor'
  3. 1030 - 1230 hours - Images, Identities, Ego & True Self
  4. 1230 - 1430 hours - Fear, Risk & Danger
  5. 1430 - 1530 hours - Lunch with 'Feel Food Factor'
  6. 1530 - 1730 hours - Rest & Break to Reflect back
  7. 1730 - 1930 hours - Desires, Needs & Wants
  8. 1930 - 2000 hours - Tea & Snacks Break
  9. 2000 - 2200 hours - Feelings, Emotions & State of Mind
  10. 2200 hours Onwards - Open Conversation around Bonfire

Discover your true self..

Day 2 - Itinerary

The Beautiful Day | Purpose Discovery
  1. 0700 - 0800 hours - Aware Yoga & Natural Well-being
  2. 0800 - 0900 hours - Your Time to Get Ready for the Day
  3. 0900 - 1000 hours - Breakfast & Pranic Energy Activation
  4. 1000 - 1400 hours - Core Values Discovery
  5. 1400 - 1500 hours - Lunch & Pranic Energy Activation
  6. 1500 - 1600 hours - Rest & Reflect back
  7. 1600 - 2000 hours - Core Purpose Discovery
  8. 2000 - 2200 hours - Purposeful Lifestyle Integration
  9. 2200 hours Onwards - Open Conversation around Bonfire

Discover your ultimate 'Why'

day 3 - Itinerary

The Unique Day | Vision Building
  1. 0700 - 0800 hours - Aware Light Beings & Natural Fitness
  2. 0800 - 0900 hours - Your Time to Get Ready for the Day
  3. 0900 - 1000 hours - Breakfast & Emotional Energy Optimization
  4. 1000 - 1400 hours - B-HAG - Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals
  5. 1400 - 1500 hours - Lunch & Emotional Energy Optimization
  6. 1500 - 1600 hours - Rest & Reflect back
  7. 1600 - 1900 hours - Vivid Description of Envisioned Future
  8. 1900 - 2000 hours - Declaration of the Vision to the World
  9. 2000 - 2200 hours - Vision-Value-Purpose Integration
  10. 2200 hours Onwards - Celebrations around Bonfire

Create, Not predict, the Future of your choice..

Let us walk you to a Place where you truly belong...

A Place that – by virtue of nature – truly belongs to you...

A Place where happiness is a matter of your choices...

and no more a slave of chances...

A Place where abundance (of all sorts) is no more an “effortful doing”...

but an ‘effortless happening’...

A Place where deep well-being is as easy as breathing...

Experience each cell of your body blossoming with Life Energy...

Experience absolute singularity of thoughts & emotions, an absolute internal synergy...

A Place of no duality, no confusions...

A Place from where every expression is brought...

A Place from where every experience is sought...

A Place where every meaning of every thing lies...

A Place where life never dies...

An origin of every creation in your life...

A Place where you truly exist...

A Place of your true origin, your source & your ultimate destination...

A Place where you are truly ‘You’...

A Place which silently and relentlessly appeals you to be ‘you’... “Oh Be You!”...

Your Intentions are your true assets, and they seek an expression...

Your Originality is an infinite pool of potential...

A Place, where an unending plethora of possibilities, awaits realization...

Let’s develop a blueprint of the future you envision to create...

Let us help you discover your Core, your Purpose of being...

Let us walk you to the place where you truly belong...
Brought to you by OBU, an Aware Lifestyle Brand..

Inward Expeditions are the Nature Inspired Immersive Learning Retreats

We intend to take travel beyond just being joyful, to being meaningful as well. While you explore the world around, there is so much more you can discover about self, and that should not be left to a chance..

Hence, to guide your Inward Expedition, each Retreat is led by one of the Aware Master Coaches, alongside a team of professionals to guide you, help you and make your experience "one of the most transformative experiences of your life..."

Be sure to experience... mesmerizing, breathtaking, unexplored, serene and peaceful hideouts in nature.. while evolving through, deep and profound realizations, experiential transformations, breakthrough shifts.. and a deep sense of well-being & meaningfulness..

We may do a lot of... trekking, hiking, sight seeing, camping, bonfire, games, live music, ecstatic dance, sing songs, barbeque, food tasting, click selfies, make friends, crack jokes, have fun & a lot of celebrations...

While you effortlessly learn more & more about... Your happiness, emotional clarity, Pranic well-being, stress elimination, natural health & fitness, spiritual awakening, relationships, love, compassion, sense of belonging, Aware Yoga, stillness in motion, self-healing, abundance, freedom and meaningfulness...

Your retreat can be completely sponsored too!

By the end of any of our expeditions, if you choose to enroll yourself for one of our select few lifestyle upgrade programs, your retreat will be fully sponsored by us as a small token of appreciation for the spirit of learning in you. Our team would love to help you with this, if you may seek more info please call +91 8484 8895 82 / 777 40 15 388, or write to us at inwardexpeditions@ohbeu.com

get lost.. to be found..!

Ask for a Personal Consultation @ +91 84848 89582

or Write to us at reach@ohbeu.com


It is a high impact Life & Business Transformation Program, you may experience massive transformations throughout the journey. Hence, interested seekers will need to go through a prior consultation session with our Team, to understand their physical, mental and emotional suitability for this kind of an intense and deep experiential Self-Discovery Program. Once you are registered, the consultations will happen over a Voice/Video Call with you, where you'll be guided with few easy tips to prepare yourself to make the most out of this experience. Even at the last minute, if someone is found unsuitable due to some reasons, they will be properly guided by our team for further preparations for our future expeditions, while the 100% of their fees will be refunded to them, through whichever payment options seem mutually suitable.

You may drop a WhatsApp text to the contact number mentioned below, for any kind of help you may seek. Registrations will happen on FCFS basis and batch size will be from 3 to 5 members only.

Call Or Msg +91 84848 89582

Rise & Shine :)

Created By
Team OBU


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