Domino's Pizza Project Khaled, Vasavi, and Pablo

You'll get 1.49 dollars for each topping

13.97 - 2x = 16.95 - 4x

No, because the pizza is there as a constant. The variable of the number of toppings ordered is being changed, so the topping price doubles, not the entire pizza. It is just the price of the toppings doubled, and then ADDED to the pizza.

9.99 - x = 11.99 - 3x

X = 1

9.99 - 1 = 8.99

13.97 + 2x = 16.95

X= 1.49

13.97 - 2.98 = 10.99

14.68 - x = 19.75 - 4x

X = 1.69

14.68 - 1.69 = 12.99

The reason that the largest pizza has the most expensive toppings is because perhaps one serving of toppings is larger on the larger pizza. The smallest base price is for the small pizza because it has the smallest proportional size.

9.99 + 0.66x = 20

10.99 + 1.49 = 20

14.68 + 1.27x = 20

Seemingly, the pizza prices get to a point when a certain amount of money is spent where they just price it the same. Perhaps this is an offer. Also, there is only a limited amount of toppings, so it stops after 10 options.


Number 1:

We got this answer by using logic. If the pizza is 10.99, and then there are 2 orders of toppings, there would be 10.99 + 2 orders = 13.97. The difference between 10.99 and 13.97 is 2.98, and since there are two orders of toppings, divide it by 2, and it would come out to be 1.49

Number 2:

We saw the two pizzas. 13.97 - 2x is the price of the pizza since there are 2 orders of toppings, and 16.95 - 4x is the price of the pizza since there are 4 orders of toppings there. In that way we would be doing the following:

13.97 - 2x = 16.95 - 4x

Now, we are going to subtract 13.97 from both of the numbers in each expression without a variable, which would be 13.97 and 16.95.

That would give us 0 on the left, and 2.98 on the right. That leaves us with -2x = 2.98 -4x

Now, for both of the variables add 4. That would give us 0x on the right, and 2x on the left.

That leaves us with 2x = 2.98. Now we divide all of this expression by 2. This gives us x = 1.49

That’s how we solve the equation, and end up with each order of topping coming out to be 1.49.

Number 4:

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