First Council of Constantinople Maria Gazzi, Jenna Hans, Will McManaman, Bobby Tracy

Took place

  • Took place in Constantinople
  • Called by Emperor Theodosius 1 in the year 381 AD

Who attended

  • 186 bishops attended the council
  • 150 of the bishops were Catholic and 36 were heretics
  • Miletus of Antioch - the man first selected to lead the Council, died soon after the Council opened
  • A man named Gregory was then elected to fill his place, but the bishops did not agree, forcing Gregory to resign
  • The failure to establish a qualified leader almost ruined the Council

What the Council Did

  • Called to settle two church issues including, the true humanity of Christ and the devine being of the Holy Spirit
  • Wrote the Creed of Constantinople - creed was very similar to Nicene Creed except that it removed the detestation against Arianism and explained how Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit are all one
  • Arianism was a prior belief that stated that Jesus came from God and he would never be an equal to God
  • Followed the term "homoousious" = Jesus and God are one, they are equals

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