Buckley Q1 Content

Q1 Theme

When talking about “Winter Ain’t So Bad” and our monthly themes, we will do so in the context of the dog and owner relationship, but also with a factual edge. There are always more facts to sniff out and more to learn and we want to share this information and curiosity with our audience. Buckley challenges the status quo and is not shy to share its positions on what it means to provide healthy options for our best friends.

February Content

Assuming there are 4 weeks in the month, we will need 4 posts. We have narrowed our content ideas from the plan to fit within our scoped content parameters and to be published 1x per week.

Week 1 - Product photo of bag of food/treats with actual ingredients displayed and styled along side the bag. [WAU Produced]

Week 2 - A photo of a outdoorsy person & dog, snuggling up with meme graphics overlaid the imagery with a fun and relevant PUN [WAU Produced Copywriting, Photo + Text Graphic Overlay]

Week 3 - Dynamic lifestyle Photo, captured in a mini shoot featuring our subject of the "doggy love story". [WAU Produced Blog + Photos]

Week 4 - UGC Themed carousel & photo galleries anchored around the love between pet and owner!

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