High Rise Challenge By: Travis

1/25/17 High Rise Challenge

Object of the challenge: To accumulate the most points in 3 attempts of the High Rise Challenge.

Criteria: Robot must fit into 30 cm cubed. Dimensions must be eligible to compete. Each team member must record at least one attempt in the challenge.

Rules: the competition rules are the following. All robots must start with the back of the robot touching the back of the competition field. Blocks must be completely in the counting zone to be counted. And only like colored stacks will be counted

Scoring: Any black in the scoring zone=1pt Same color stack 1st black= 10 second black= 20 and so forth

Tomorrow are goal is to build the Clawbot that will build the high rise. We also want to test the robot multiple times to make sure there are no flaws. After we have built the robot and tested it, me and my partner will begin modifications as soon as possible.

Now that we are finished with the Standard Drive Base. We need to start building the clawbot to complete the high rise challenge. We also need to start modifications after building the clawbot, so that we can complete the challenge successfully.

Standard Drive Base

Are "Do" for today was building as much of the Clawbot as we could. We finished the mainframe of the claw, and my partner and I tested it.

Clawbot In Construction

Today's "think" is mostly just construction on the clawbot. We also are hoping to have it finished by today so we can start testing tomorrow to make sure there is no major flaws. We also are hoping that once we are finished testing we can start modifications!

Are "Do" for today was mostly construction on the clawbot. And we completely finished the claw! So now all we have to do is finish building!

Today are "think" is to construct as much of the robot as we can. And start modifications.

Today's do for today was pure construction! And I was surprised on how much work me and my partner got done!

Today are "think" is pure construction! But we also want to come up with a strategy to get as much points as possible. Me and my partner might also even see who is the better driver!

Clawbot in construction

Today we finished construction! It may have took us 2 weeks but we finally finished! Also tomorrow we are going to begin testing.

Are "think" for today is pure modifications and testing! We also want to attach the claw to the robot so we can pick up the blocks. We might even make a snowplow on the front so that we can push all the blocks!

Yesterday we found out that the claw wasn't working! But it's not a big deal because we have a whole class to fix it.

Are "do" for today was mainly construction but we finally finished are robot in the nick of time.

Today is competition day! Me and my partner are both very anxious! Are plan for the competition is to push as many blocks as we can into the scoring zone, and then stack them to maximize are amount of points.

Yesterday we competed with only 3 wheels and thank gosh that are teacher came to the rescue and helped us add the forth wheel!

Today is the final competition day! Me and my partner are both very eager to do as best as we can on the last day!

Yesterday was the final competition day! Sadly me and my partner finished last because are robot only had 3 wheels for the first two days. But even though we didn't win me and my partner still had a ton of fun! And on the last day me and my partner finally had four wheels! And you could tell that me and my partner did much better! For example on the last day, my partner got to stack a block, and we almost stacked another one, but time ran out! My partner and I also had a great time watching the others teams compete. We finished scoring 4 points, but if we stacked those two blocks we would have had 34 points! And even though we might not have won, me and my partner had a ton of fun.

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